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01.Interface RED Volume 3

Interface RED Volume 3
by R. Talsorian Games Inc.

Night City’s voracious, choomba! It needs more places, more people, more things. More! More! More! It’s never satisfied and we know you aren’t either. Your campaigns can always use a little something extra to push it right over the Edge. That’s what Interface RED is all about. In this third volume you’ll find a collection of short articles custom-crafted to...   [click here for more]
02.Dragonslayer Role-Playing Game

Dragonslayer Role-Playing Game
by OSR Publishing

NOTE: Dragonslayer (print) will be down for a couple days to insert a dedication to my mother who passed away a few days after release. Check back again for the print version shortly. GG Harken back to the Golden Age of Role-playing Games! Journey into a realm of myth and magic, where ancient legends and terrifying monsters come to life, and adventure awaits... Inspired by the timeles role-playing...   [click here for more]
03.Call of Cthulhu: Arkham

Call of Cthulhu: Arkham
by Chaosium

Unveil the secrets of the legend-haunted city! On the streets of Arkham, the threat of the Cthulhu Mythos is ever-present. A quiet town in New England—home to the prestigious Miskatonic University—Arkham’s underbelly hides criminals, speakeasies, and a witch-cursed history. What’s Inside? Call of Cthulhu: Arkham is the definitive guide to the signature setting of Call...   [click here for more]
04.Across the Eight Directions

Across the Eight Directions
by Onyx Path Publishing

From frozen Northern tundra to vast Southern deserts, from dense Eastern forests to the West’s endless waters, Creation shelters myriad cultures and civilizations. Night horrors stalk the farmlands outside Whitewall, while residents and refugees within struggle with overpopulation and hunger. In the rebel satrapy of Fray, dragonlord Hanto Galina has named herself Empress and laid claim to the Scarlet...   [click here for more]
05.Shadow of the Weird Wizard

Shadow of the Weird Wizard
by Schwalb Entertainment

The Player's Guide for Shadow of the Weird Wizard Shadow of the Weird Wizard® is a fantasy roleplaying game in which you and your friends assume the roles of characters who explore the borderlands and make them safe for the refugees escaping the doom that has befallen the old country. Unsafe are these lands: the Weird Wizard released monsters to roam the countryside,...   [click here for more]
06.Dragonbane Bestiary

Dragonbane Bestiary
by Free League Publishing

Oh, will no good deed go unpunished? I suppose time will tell, but right now things are looking bleak indeed. I have wandered, ridden, climbed, crawled, and swum all over this earth; I have spoken with all manners of creatures, observed, analyzed, and recorded almost everything worth knowing about the people and beings of the world. And yet here I am, unthanked and crouched in a godforsaken...   [click here for more]
07.Vault 5e: A Life Well Lived

Vault 5e: A Life Well Lived
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Discover who your characters are when they’re not dungeon-delving in this 5e supplement for the world’s most popular roleplaying game! Explore what your adventurers get up to before, after, and in between dungeon crawling, from small moments of bonding around the campfire while crafting potions, to life events such as running a business, starting a family, and ultimately retiring… Until...   [click here for more]
08.Rolemaster Treasure Law (RMU)

Rolemaster Treasure Law (RMU)
by Iron Crown Enterprises

Rolemaster Treasure Law For over four decades, Rolemaster has been the definitive fantasy role-playing game that combines realism and depth without sacrificing playability. Rolemaster Unified is the next evolution drawing upon the best elements of previous editions to create a streamlined and consistent game. Rolemaster Treasure Law...   [click here for more]
09.Cepheus Universal

Cepheus Universal
by Zozer Games

This universal science fiction RPG allows players and Game Master to emulate most kinds of sci-fi gaming, from time travel or near future cyberpunk, to space opera; from modern-day Solar System exploration to a far future that enjoys antimatter power, matter transportation and food replicators. As much attention is given to low-tech societies as mid-tech and far ftuture, high-rech societies. You'll...   [click here for more]
10.The Dread Laironomicon

The Dread Laironomicon
by Raging Swan Press

Are you a busy GM? Does session prep take too long? Do you never have time to work on the cool little details that bring your adventures, dungeons and campaign to life?  Fear not. This dread compilation gives you, the time-crunched GM, the tools to effortlessly add verisimilitude and detail to 100 different types of monstrous lairs. Use the material herein either before or during...   [click here for more]
11.Secrets of the Weird Wizard

Secrets of the Weird Wizard
by Schwalb Entertainment

The Ultimate Guide for running Shadow of the Weird Wizard Games! This PDF is a PRERELEASE. As a result, it features no layout, no art, and proofing has not been completed. If you purchase this PRERELEASE, you will gain access to updates and the final product. THIS PRODUCT WAS MADE BY HUMANS. No AI was used in the production of this book. The talented team of artists involved includes the...   [click here for more]

by Steamforged Games Ltd

The legendary MMORPG comes to your tabletop! With this fully illustrated roleplaying core book, you can bring iconic RuneScape and Old School RuneScape quests and lore to life in a whole new way.  For over twenty years, millions of gamers have explored, crafted, and duelled their way across Gielinor. Now, you can bring the thrill of iconic RuneScape and Old School RuneScape quests and lore to...   [click here for more]
13.Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory: Aeldari: Inheritance of Embers

Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory: Aeldari: Inheritance of Embers
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

The ultimate Aeldari sourcebook for Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory! Like their shattered war god Kaela Mensha Khaine, the ancient Aeldari are a sundered people. Heirs to a galaxy-wide empire that succumbed to ruination, all Aeldari fear the grip of She Who Thirsts. Each has been forced to find their own way to deal with this...   [click here for more]
14.Mythic Game Master Emulator Second Edition

Mythic Game Master Emulator Second Edition
by Word Mill Games

Mythic Game Master Emulator Second Edition Play any role-playing game solo or without a Game Master! Mythic's oracle-style question resolution system revolutionized solo role-playing. The Second Edition of the Mythic Game Master Emulator updates the ground-breaking 2003 ruleset with essential new additions, a wide range of options to customize your adventures, and numerous refinements. Mythic...   [click here for more]
15.Cyberpunk RED

Cyberpunk RED
by R. Talsorian Games Inc.

Welcome to the Time of the Red, Choomba! The Megacorporations spent decades wrecking everything and in the aftermath of their last War, everyone has to fend for themselves. But that’s just fine. You can handle it. After all, in a world of vicious boostergangs, rampaging cyborgs, corporate assassins, and nihilistic doomsday cults, there’s only one rule: Always take it to the Edge. Take the big...   [click here for more]
16.ALIEN RPG Building Better Worlds

ALIEN RPG Building Better Worlds
by Free League Publishing

“Space is a pitch black room—stick your hand out and you might never get it back. Of course, you also might touch god. It’s a gamble either way. To not try, however, is to wither and die—only those bold and foolish enough to take a chance will change their lives.”   —Captain J.V. Gorham, Far Spinward Colonies, Pioneer, Weyland Corp.      ...   [click here for more]
17.Fabula Ultima TTJRPG

Fabula Ultima TTJRPG
by Need Games

This is your world, this is your story. Make a choice and fight for what you believe in. FABULA ULTIMA is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game inspired by Japanese-style console RPGs, or JRPGs.  In Fabula Ultima, you and your friends will tell epic stories of would-be heroes and fearsome villains, set in fantasy...   [click here for more]
18.Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: Tribes and Tribulations

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: Tribes and Tribulations
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

A Guide to Brutal Warlords, Warbands, and Monsters in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay  Orcs and Goblins infest the wild corners of the Old World and beyond. They are creatures bound by a common ancestry, a love of bloodshed and violence, and the unifying spirit of the Waaagh! Orcs and Goblins are the perfect antagonists for any game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Tribes and Tribulations...   [click here for more]
19.Cities Without Number

Cities Without Number
by Sine Nomine Publishing

The world is neon and dust. There is nothing more than the flesh. There is nothing greater than the wires. There is nothing to dream that is not sold and nothing to worship that is not made. It is a mirrorshade world of human reflections, every red hunger and every black passion worshiped in cathedrals of glass and greed. The great love their sins like children and the least want only...   [click here for more]
20.Ultimate Engineering

Ultimate Engineering
by Drop Dead Studios

Ultimate Engineering is a comprehensive and ambitious combat sphere for the Spheres of Might system. Whether a character is a magitech engineer, stylistic clocksmith, or mad scientist, the Tinker sphere offers a sprawling set of talents to customize, design, and develop mastery over technology. With five packages, Tinker sphere practitioners can customize and outfit themselves and their allies with...   [click here for more]
21.Rust and Redemption

Rust and Redemption
by Monte Cook Games

The world is in ruins. Now what? Barren, crater-pocked wastelands roamed by biker gangs and giant scorpions. Crumbling cities that are lush, overgrown gardens by day—and haunts of the undead by night. Dark ruins patrolled by conquering aliens or mechanical minions of the AI overlord. Whatever your apocalypse, Rust and Redemption is your tool for building it into a vivid, compelling...   [click here for more]
22.Traveller Companion Update 2024

Traveller Companion Update 2024
by Mongoose

The Traveller Companion is a compilation of variant and alternate rules. Variant Traveller creation systems allow specific tailoring, whilst alternate combat rules introduce hit locations and wound severity. Rules for hunger, thirst, temperature, atmospheric and water pressure effects make the universe more realistic, not to mention more hazardous. Encounters with animals and vehicles are...   [click here for more]
23.Dragonzine Issue 01

Dragonzine Issue 01
by Dragon Cult Games

Dragonzine is a new independent e-zine for the Dragonbane RPG. Issue 1 includes: - In-depth interview with Tomas Härenstam, Dragonbane’s lead designer - Tips and tricks for GMs from Mr. Dragonbane, Jonathon Myhre - 8 new monsters and NPCs, including 3 new playable kin, each with an adventure seed - 4 new professions, each with an adventure seed - 6-page guide to creating magical and cursed...   [click here for more]
24.City Encounters for Swords & Wizardry

City Encounters for Swords & Wizardry
by Mythmere Games

Running a freewheeling city adventure can be hard work, but this book gives you a powerful resource for handling interactions with non-player characters — their names, objectives, abilities, and quirky activities! City Encounters provides 200 daytime encounters and 200 night-time encounters for your characters to run into while exploring the city. Plus, each of the encounters has several alternative...   [click here for more]
25.The Monster Overhaul

The Monster Overhaul
by Skerples

What’s a Sphinx without a riddle, or a Minotaur without a labyrinth? What’s a Dragon without a hoard, or a Peasant without a grievance? The Monster Overhaul is a massive Role Playing Game bestiary designed for at-table utility. Monsters are presented alongside useful tools, ready for immediate use in any scenario. This book aims to provide a GM with the tools they need, as they...   [click here for more]
26.Worlds Without Number

Worlds Without Number
by Sine Nomine Publishing

The stars gutter and the skies fade and the earth grows weary with years. Ages of men and of Outsiders have ascended and been forgotten, and only the bones of their cities and the dust of their dreams remain upon this tired world. The Legacy of their laws is woven deep now, the edicts of dead gods and fallen sorcerer-kings made to trace patterns of power we no longer understand. We are heirs to...   [click here for more]
27.Fabula Ultima Atlas: High Fantasy

Fabula Ultima Atlas: High Fantasy
by Need Games

An epic journey will guide you beyond what you have ever imagined you could be. Destiny itself shall bow before the fires in your hearts! FABULA ULTIMA ATLAS: HIGH FANTASY will guide you into a world of ancient mysteries, breathtaking views, incredible magic, and powerful beings. Like the heroes of legend and myth, your characters...   [click here for more]
28.Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum Core Rulebook

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum Core Rulebook
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Imperium Maledictum is a new Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game set in the glorious Macharian Sector, a sector forged in blood and fire from the thousand worlds conquered by Lord Solar Macharius. It is a sector rife with peril and treachery,  Imperium Maledictum uses a familiar but refined d100 system to draw players into tales of intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracy. Players take on the role of Imperial...   [click here for more]
29.Tomorrow City: Dieselpunk Roleplaying

Tomorrow City: Dieselpunk Roleplaying
by Osprey Publishing

A dieselpunk roleplaying game of action, mystery and mad science! Tomorrow City was one of the cities of the future, built to usher in a new age of prosperity, seizing upon scientific achievements at the dawn of the twentieth century. Then came the War. Radium-powered soldiers assembled, diesel-fuelled nightmares rolled off production lines, city fought city, and the world burned...   [click here for more]

by Hack & Slash Publishing

Sinless is a playable cyberpunk tabletop role-playing game with magic, integrated domain play, and giant pools of d6s created by Courtney Campbell, author of On Downtime and Demesnes and creator of the Quantum Ogre! Malls are back in a big way in this classic 1980s-styled cyberpunk role-playing game. Using a priority character creation system, you pick your heritage, magical aptitude, attributes,...   [click here for more]
31.Treasures of Glorantha: V2 — Relics of the Second Age

Treasures of Glorantha: V2 — Relics of the Second Age
by Chaosium

Treasures of Glorantha Volume Two: Relics of the Second Age is the essential guide to lost magics of the Imperial Age. Within you will find the lost secrets of a dragon-worshiping empire, powers stolen by god-manipulating sorcerers, and other arcane mysteries. This book contains thirty new magic items designed to intrigue both players and gamemasters, and to be accessible to both RuneQuest...   [click here for more]
32.Dragonbane Core Set

Dragonbane Core Set
by Free League Publishing

Dragonbane is a classic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game full of magic, mystery, and adventure. It is designed from the ground up to facilitate fast and furious play, with very little prep time and adventures that are a breeze to run. Dragonbane is a game...   [click here for more]
33.Ironsworn: Starforged

Ironsworn: Starforged
by Shawn Tomkin

The Sci-Fi Evolution of the Ironsworn RPG is Here! In Ironsworn: Starforged, you are a spaceborne hero sworn to undertake perilous quests. You will explore uncharted space, unravel the secrets of a mysterious galaxy, and build bonds with those you meet on your travels. Most importantly, you will swear iron vows and see them fulfilled—no matter the cost. Starforged is a standalone...   [click here for more]
34.Stars Without Number: Revised Edition

Stars Without Number: Revised Edition
by Sine Nomine Publishing

The year is 3200 and mankind's empire lies in ashes. The Jump Gates fell six hundred years ago, severing the links between the myriad worlds of the human diaspora. Now, the long isolation of the Silence falls away as men and women return to the skies above their scattered worlds. Will you be among them once more? Stars Without Number: Revised Edition...   [click here for more]
35.Mutant: Year Zero - Ad Astra

Mutant: Year Zero - Ad Astra
by Free League Publishing

Through the tiny portholes of the space capsule, you see the city hanging weightlessly beneath the stars – massive, sprawling, gleaming. A myriad of metal shapes connected by tubes and wires, like a huge hanging mobile over Earth, the poisoned cradle of humanity. The thrusters of your capsule push you onward through the maze of wires and ladders. Drawing closer,...   [click here for more]
36.Best Leave Them Ghosts Alone

Best Leave Them Ghosts Alone
by Monte Cook Games

A terrible death long ago leads to terrible choices now… Attending the funeral of a childhood friend is never an easy thing, but when it’s the funeral of someone you accidentally killed and then brought back to life years ago, well . . . you all have owes, and this one’s about to come due. Best Leave Them Ghosts Alone is an Old Gods of Appalachia horror adventure set in a small town...   [click here for more]
37.Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, Core Rulebook

Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, Core Rulebook
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

A GRIM FUTURE OF GLORIOUS ADVENTURE The sinister schemes of the Chaos Gods have shattered the galaxy. The Great Rift tore through space and reality, pushing mortal life to the precipice of oblivion. The Gilead System has lost contact with the vast Imperium, trapped in the silent darkness. As the shadows of extinction loom, hope fades but is not yet entirely extinguished. Rallied...   [click here for more]
38.Sandbox Generator

Sandbox Generator
by Atelier Clandestin

The Sandbox Generator is a simple but powerful tool for DMs. It allows you to easily create a world from scratch when you prepare your next campaign. It will provide you with all the necessary information about your world: from the biomes map, to a lord’s coat of arms and the menu of the local tavern! It is also convenient for solo players and DMs who want to generate their world...   [click here for more]
39.Chains of Asmodeus

Chains of Asmodeus
by Wizards of the Coast

If You Purchased The PDF Click Below For a Bundle Discount on the Premium, Hardcover. CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF + Hardcover, Premium Bundle. Arcanum Worlds Presents: Chains of Asmodeus Chains of Asmodeus is a 286-page source book and adventure for the Nine Hells written by legendary game designer James Ohlen (Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Star Wars: Knights...   [click here for more]
40.Dwarrowdeep OSR

Dwarrowdeep OSR
by OSR Publishing

Gundgathol lies in ruin. Over 250 years ago, an evil host rose from the underdark and pushed the dwarves out of their ancestral mountains. Since that time, orcs and worse have defiled their sacred halls. In recent days, the high dwarven clerics cast their runestones and read the portents: the time has come to retake Gundgathol. Are you brave (or fooloish) enough to enter Dwarrowdeep? Dwarrowdeep will...   [click here for more]
41.Tales of the Wolfguard

Tales of the Wolfguard
by Hellwinter Forge of Wonders

From the author of Falkrest Abbey! LET’S TELL THE TALES OF THE WOLFGUARD! Blizzard Vale is the northernmost province of the Empire, conquered with great endeavours centuries ago. It’s a frozen, hostile land with sparse patches of conifers, icy rivers, and lakes. The Wolfguard, an old garrison of soldiers and scouts, watches over the vale and protects the town of Ysvindur from...   [click here for more]
42.Shadowrun: Wild Life (Core Critter Rulebook)

Shadowrun: Wild Life (Core Critter Rulebook)
by Catalyst Game Labs

Critters Call The howl that cuts through the night. The bared fangs in a dark corridor. The talons piercing exposed flesh. All these haunt shadowrunners’ nightmares. You can always try to reason with or buy off other people, but critters? Critters just come at you, relentless and hungry. Whether they’re used as corporate security or something you run into in the wild, they can be a tremendous...   [click here for more]
43.Black Chrome

Black Chrome
by R. Talsorian Games Inc.

A Tech and Style Guide for Cyberpunk RED! Do you crave chrome so black it reflects your oily soul? Black like the night? Night like the market of your desires? Chrome is the style in the substance. It’s not what you can do. It’s how you do it. How chrome are you, choomba? When you’re bleeding on The Edge, you’ve got the accoutrements. All the accessories. You don’t...   [click here for more]
44.Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 - Unexplored PDF

Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 - Unexplored PDF
by Modiphius

Awesome Expeditions Through Uncharted Territory! It is said it is the journey rather than the destination which is more important and Achtung! CthulhuUnexplored fills in the blank spaces on the map, agents often simply “redline” through before their next epic encounter. No corner of the globe is safe from the unholy alliance of cultists and the Mythos, and agents...   [click here for more]
45.The Wildsea

The Wildsea
by Mythworks

A post-fall fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set in a rampant ocean of verdant green. Some three hundred years ago the empires of the world were toppled by a wave of fast growing greenery, a tide of rampant growth spilling from the West known as the Verdancy. Now chainsaw-driven ships cut their way across dense treetop waves, their engines powered by oilfruit, rope-golems,...   [click here for more]
46.A Taste for Adventure: A HEXplore It Legend

A Taste for Adventure: A HEXplore It Legend
by HEXplore It

Join the ranks of Bezzelquark’s Black Market workers and embark on a culinary quest like no other. When the eccentric gnome tinkerer discovers the mouthwatering delight of Milo Goodbarrel’s family recipe for halfling chicken chili chowder, he won’t settle for just one taste. He assigns you as Milo’s bodyguards on a gastronomical journey through the breathtaking landscapes...   [click here for more]
47.Kids on Bikes: Core Rulebook

Kids on Bikes: Core Rulebook
by Hunters Entertainment

Young Adults, Small Towns... BIG ADVENTURE! Kids on Bikes is a Collaborative World Building RPG set in small towns with big mysteries. Written and created by celebrated game designers Jon Gilmour (Dead of WinterAtari: Centipede/Missile Command/Asteroids) & Doug Levandowski (Gothic Doctor, Seven Minutes in Hell). Kids on Bikes is a rules-light...   [click here for more]
48.Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game
by Magpie Games

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game is Universally Accessible in accordance with the standards of PDF/Universal Accessibility. By meeting this standard, we have worked to ensure everyone can independently access information contained within the PDF document and make use of the materials without assistance from other people in an efficient manner through assistive technology. ...   [click here for more]
49.The One Ring™ Core Rules

The One Ring™ Core Rules
by Free League Publishing

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them, In...   [click here for more]
50.Flee, Mortals!

Flee, Mortals!
by MCDM Productions

Our epic 5e monster book contains 339 stat blocks plus new rules for action-oriented creatures, minions, companions, retainers, encounter-building, and more! ACTION-ORIENTED MONSTERS If a monster is big enough and bad enough to challenge an entire party on their own, or if it just makes sense for the Queen of the Goblins to be better than a normal Goblin Boss, we make a named, unique, Action-Oriented...   [click here for more]
51.Rogue Trader: Core Rulebook

Rogue Trader: Core Rulebook
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

In Rogue Trader, you take on the role of a Rogue Trader and his most trusted counsellors, empowered by an ancient warrant of trade to seek out profit and plunder amongst unexplored regions of space. Your ship will take you to new worlds and uncharted reaches of the void, where you will encounter rivals, pirates, aliens, and possibly even creatures of the warp. You will acquire and spend great wealth...   [click here for more]
52.Blades in the Dark

Blades in the Dark
by One Seven

Winner: 2015 Golden Geek, RPG of the Year Winner: 2016 Indie RPG Award, Game of the Year (also Best Production and Best Support) Blades in the Dark is a tabletop role-playing game about a crew of daring scoundrels seeking their fortunes on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city. There are heists, chases, occult mysteries, dangerous bargains,...   [click here for more]
53.[PREORDER] Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game - Uncle Iroh's Adventure Guide

[PREORDER] Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game - Uncle Iroh's Adventure Guide
by Magpie Games

An exciting compilation of new adventure material and play options. Uncle Iroh’s Adventure Guide expands the play material found in Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game with special GM tools to add multi-generational stories to your campaign, new NPC Legends, new playable character archetypes, and a brand new setting for stories of adventure...   [click here for more]
54.Danger Gal Dossier

Danger Gal Dossier
by R. Talsorian Games Inc.

They’re more than just cat ears and cute pink guns. In the Dark Future, data is power, and no one owns more data than Danger Gal, Night City’s premiere investigation and security NeoCorp. Run by Michiko Sanderson (née Araska – yes, that Arasaka!), Danger Gal’s archives contain information on everything and everyone worth knowing. And lucky you, choomba, we’ve prepared a copy of those archives...   [click here for more]
55.Exalted: Essence

Exalted: Essence
by Onyx Path Publishing

Chosen by the gods, their power tempered only by human hearts, the Exalted are all that stand between Creation and the forces that would ruin the world. Set in a rich and intriguing setting that draws from real-world histories and fantasy archetypes, Exalted has thrilled players across three editions. Exalted: Essence is a streamlined version of Exalted Third Edition,...   [click here for more]
56.Inversion: A Modern Call of Cthulhu Scenario

Inversion: A Modern Call of Cthulhu Scenario
by Chaosium

As a top-tier patron of the popular YouTube channel Debunker Bunker, you have been invited to witness a unique event. The Debunkers have built a machine using plans they discovered on the Dark Web that, according to the attached information, is supposed to open a window to another dimension. Join your fellow patrons for this history-making event that is sure to be...   [click here for more]
57.Traveller Core Rulebook Update 2022

Traveller Core Rulebook Update 2022
by Mongoose

This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone…   Mayday, Mayday… We are under attack…   Main drive is gone… Turret number one not responding…   Mayday… Losing cabin pressure fast, calling anyone…   Please help… This is Free Trader Beowulf…   …Mayday…     Fully Updated...   [click here for more]
58.Space Colonies & Starbases

Space Colonies & Starbases
by Ennead Games

Space Colonies & Starbases A place of work and somewhere to call home for those who explore the stars Space colonies and starbases are a staple of science fiction. They can be places of commerce, points of strategic interest and even just something as simple as a place to live. They come in many different sizes and designs, as varied as those who live and work in them....   [click here for more]
59.Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Core Rulebook

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Core Rulebook
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Can’t put it down, can you? You know what’s in here. You’ve seen them. The twisted ones, the arrogant ones, the lost ones. Oh, you’d like to walk away and life be all cake and daisies, but you know you’re going here instead. You’ll try to convince yourself it’s because you’re greedy for the loot, or can’t resist a fight, but we all know the truth. So ready your sword, clean your...   [click here for more]
60.Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight Throne

Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight Throne
by Blackoath Entertainment

Condemned to death. Executed. Yet somehow, you survived. Now you roam the endless tunnels of the City Below, the Midnight Throne: Ker Nethalas. Will your skills and wits save you once again, or will you join the countless restless dead? Welcome to Ker Nethalas: Into the Midnight Throne, a single player dungeon crawler set in an endless necropolis. With the tools...   [click here for more]
61.Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
by White Wolf

Vampire: The Masquerade exploded into hobby games in 1991 and inspired a generation of fans the likes of which the game industry had never seen before or since. The cultural significance Vampire left on not just the gaming world but on modern vampire-related pop culture can be seen and felt at virtually every turn and in every medium today. Vampire: The Masquerade - 20th Anniversary...   [click here for more]
62.The Silt Verses Roleplaying Game

The Silt Verses Roleplaying Game
by The Gauntlet

A GOD MUST FEED! The Silt Verses Roleplaying game is here! Based on the award-winning audio drama, The Silt Verses RPG is a game of folk horror and monstrous divinity. Its mechanics are based on the beloved Brindlewood Bay and The Between, as well as Apocalypse World. In The Silt Verses RPG, you play Custodians, employees of the Bureau for the Investigation and Assimilation of Stray Deities....   [click here for more]
63.The Great Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction

The Great Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction
by dicegeeks

138 System Agnostic Science Fiction d100 Random Tables plus a Star System Generator The content of this book has been divided into eleven sections. Those sections are as follows: Adventure Ideas and Side Jobs, Encounters and Discoveries, Cargo Runs and Cargo, Items and Things, Vessels and Space Stations, Places and Planets, Activities and Reasons, Technobabble and Codes, Names, Fields of Study, and...   [click here for more]
64.Delta Green: God's Teeth

Delta Green: God's Teeth
by Arc Dream Publishing

65.Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game

Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game
by Arc Dream Publishing

ENnie Award Winner for 2018: Best Game (silver), Best Production Values (gold), Best Rules (gold), and Product of the Year (silver)! Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green opposes the forces of darkness with honor but without glory. Delta Green agents fight to save humanity from unnatural horrors—often...   [click here for more]
66.Tome of Beasts 3 for 5th Edition

Tome of Beasts 3 for 5th Edition
by Kobold Press

A Flock of Ferocious Monsters for 5th Edition! DM: “Inside the chest, you find a handful of potions.” ROGUE: “Ooh! I’m going to take a taste. Let’s see what these—” DM: “As you unstopper the first one, the potion itself leaps free of the bottle and attaches to your face.” WIZARD: “Gah! I should have listened to my father and become a rug merchant!”...   [click here for more]
67.Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition

Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition
by Onyx Path Publishing

I tell you this: We are Divinity.  Reality is ours to bend. To subvert. To command. We have that power – all of us.  Not everyone knows what to do with it, or uses it well. Most of us never realize just what it is we are or how much we can do.  Those of us who do well, some of us are monsters. Manipulators. Parasites. Tyrants. Fanatics.  And the rest of us never see that monster...   [click here for more]
68.Alice Is Missing: A Silent Roleplaying Game

Alice Is Missing: A Silent Roleplaying Game
by Hunters Entertainment

Art by Julianne Griepp From the creative mind behind Icarus: A Storytelling Game About How Great Civilizations Fall, comes Spenser Starke’s next project Alice is Missing, a silent role-playing game about the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a high school junior in the small town of Silent Falls.  Developed by Hunters Entertainment and published & distributed by Renegade...   [click here for more]
69.Candela Obscura Core Rulebook

Candela Obscura Core Rulebook
by Darrington Press

You’re needed, investigators: join the secret society Candela Obscura to confront occult horrors from beyond, keeping hidden the true nature of magickal incursions besetting our world. The Candela Obscura Core Rulebook is a fully detailed guide on playing and gamemastering the collaborative investigative horror tabletop roleplaying game. As an investigator of the paranormal...   [click here for more]
70.The Walking Dead Universe RPG

The Walking Dead Universe RPG
by Free League Publishing

This is The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game. The Walking Dead has always been about characters facing impossible choices in an unforgiving world. With this game, you enter into the world of the dead and must face these choices head on. You can do this at any point in the timeline – encountering familiar faces and locations, or new ones – but the hardest choice will always be the same:...   [click here for more]
71.Holiday Dorastor: Risklands

Holiday Dorastor: Risklands
by Chaosium

Welcome to Holiday Dorastor: Risklands, another in our odysseys around the delightful place that is Dorastor. Risklands covers the Renekotling Clan, situated on the very edge of Dorastor. Here you will find Family Histories for local Homelands, a summary of all major Homelands, descriptions of the Clan and its structures, Clan factions, a map and locations of the Risklands, a map and locations...   [click here for more]
72.Brindlewood Bay (Kickstarter Edition)

Brindlewood Bay (Kickstarter Edition)
by The Gauntlet

Brindlewood Bay is a tabletop roleplaying game that combines Murder, She Wrote with H.P. Lovecraft. In it, you play a group of elderly women, members of the local Murder Mavens Mystery Book Club, who help the authorities solve murder cases in a picturesque New England Town. Over the course of their investigations, they become aware of a dark occult conspiracy that connects the cases, and will eventually...   [click here for more]
73.Delta Green: Agent's Handbook for Foundry VTT

Delta Green: Agent's Handbook for Foundry VTT
by Arc Dream Publishing

WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green spent four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Stripped of sanction after a disastrous 1969 operation in Cambodia, Delta Green’s leaders made a secret pact: to continue their work without authority,...   [click here for more]
74.Ironsworn: Delve

Ironsworn: Delve
by Shawn Tomkin

An ENNIE-winning expansion for the free Ironsworn RPG. Expeditions into perilous places, more foes and encounters, an array of new oracles, expanded setting info, mysterious objects of power, campaign threats, and much more! This supplement for the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game takes your quests to the deepest, darkest reaches of the Ironlands. Plunge into subterranean...   [click here for more]
75.Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome

Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome
by Necrotic Gnome

The essential old-school game of fantastic adventure, monsters, and magic — expanded with advanced character options and spells! Complete Player's Tome This book contains the complete game rules, 13 fantastic classes (acrobat, assassin, barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, illusionist, knight, magic-user, paladin, ranger, thief), 10 classic races (drow, duergar, dwarf, elf,...   [click here for more]
76.Scion Second Edition: Once and Future

Scion Second Edition: Once and Future
by Onyx Path Publishing

The Pendragon’s Mantle lies incomplete, an unfinished story waiting for the right Scion to fill the role. Will you complete Arthur’s legend? Or are you doomed to fail, like so many others? Once and Future supplements Origin through Demigod play, discussing the power of Mantles and the threat of failure that leaves behind unfinished legends. Once and...   [click here for more]
77.Tome of Adventure Design (Revised)

Tome of Adventure Design (Revised)
by Mythmere Games

Tome of Adventure Design is a comprehensive, start-to-finish resource for designing fantasy adventures for your favorite tabletop role-playing game. It is system neutral, and can be used with virtually any fantasy game. This book includes random generation tables for almost every step of the design process: locations, villainous plots, designing new monsters, and bizarre environments in strange, unknown...   [click here for more]
78.Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying

Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying
by Free League Publishing

Welcome to the Mythic North – northern Europe of the nineteenth century, but not as we know it today. A land where the myths are real. A cold reach covered by vast forests, its few cities lonely beacons of industry and enlightenment – a new civilization dawning. But in the countryside, the old ways still hold sway. There, people know what lurks in the dark. They know to fear it. Vaesen –...   [click here for more]
79.The Pirates of Drinax

The Pirates of Drinax
by Mongoose

Possibly the best campaign ever published… A truly massive Traveller sandbox, the Pirates of Drinax is packed with enough adventures and source material to keep even the most dedicated group going for years! In the Pirates of Drinax, the Travellers play a band of adventurers entrusted by the King of Drinax with a letter of marque, permitting them to prey on ‘illegal’ trade within the borders...   [click here for more]
80.Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5th Edition Core Rulebook

Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5th Edition Core Rulebook
by Renegade Game Studios

Gaia is dying. The ices melt, while the seas swell. The heat rises, while the forests wither. Extinction threatens millions, in favor of the few. The Garou — warlike shapeshifters torn be­tween Rage and spirit, between Wolf and Man, and champions of the earth-mother — have failed. The Apocalypse is here. Yet, a new generation of Garou now call upon their Rage to confront the forces of destruction,...   [click here for more]
81.SWADE Fantasy Companion

SWADE Fantasy Companion
by Pinnacle Entertainment

A sword and shield, an evil wizard, hordes of undead, and a dragon ravaging the countryside—no genre in roleplaying games is more iconic than medieval fantasy! The Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion provides all the tools you need to travel to fantasy lands or create your own phenomenal setting… all in the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system! This 272-page hardcover book updates the original...   [click here for more]
82.ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook

ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook
by Free League Publishing

"The real horror of Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi flick Alien has always been the creeping, slithering fear of the unknown. It’s impressive, then, that Free League has been able to craft a tabletop roleplaying game that can conjure up that same pitch-dark dread from the safety of your kitchen table." –Dicebreaker Space is vast, dark, and not your friend. Gamma rays and neutrino bursts...   [click here for more]

by DieselShot

“Only from the darkness may we see the stars.” The indomitable Human Empire vaulted itself majestically dick-first into space. On wings of angels and the backs of warlike men and ambitious women, the unprecedented union of Earth’s disparate global powers set forth to the heavens for glory, profit, and conquest. Slowly at first, this powerful force overtook the rest...   [click here for more]
84.Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
by Renegade Game Studios

Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror. You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity — afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you. The classic that changed roleplaying...   [click here for more]
85.Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
by Pinnacle Entertainment

Savage Worlds is a Fast! Furious! and Fun! rules system for any genre of roleplaying game. Create your own setting, convert an existing one, or pick up one of our amazing settings like DeadlandsRippers, or 50 Fathoms. The rules give players plenty of depth to create their characters and keep bookkeeping to a minimum for the Game Master. If you’re looking for...   [click here for more]
86.Mythic Magazine Volume 38

Mythic Magazine Volume 38
by Word Mill Games

Mythic Magazine #38 Mythic Magazine is a monthly ezine with tips, rules, and more goodies for the Mythic Role-Playing System, Mythic Game Master Emulator, and Crafter Series from Word Mill Games. This issue contains: Solo Setting & World Creation System: Rules for generating game worlds to adventure in, randomly from nothing. This includes creating the genre and style...   [click here for more]
87.CY_BORG Core Rules

CY_BORG Core Rules
by Free League Publishing

A Nano-infested doomsday RPG about cybernetic misfits and punks raging against a relentless corporate hell. ———— The world is ending. ⸐ Again and again and again and again and again a̶n̴͗d̵̥͒ ̸̎ă̶ġ̸a̵̢͗i̶͙̓n̸̡̔ ă̵̢̫̥̺̻̞n̵͔̽̿̏̓͋͠͝d̴̢̪̟͊ ̵̡̺̖̰̯͖̞̓̑̐̈́̍̋a̶̤̘̖͗͐̀̔̚̚g̴̛͇̻̦̻͇̲̈́̏à̷̩̫͒ḯ̷̡̱̀̀̀͠ṇ̶̦̔͜....   [click here for more]
88.Soulslike Roleplaying for 5E D&D

Soulslike Roleplaying for 5E D&D
by Kobold Press

Soulslike Roleplaying TPKs Have Never Been This Fun   If You’re Not Dying, You’re Not Trying Hard Enough   Soulslike Roleplaying offers a unique, exciting gaming experience based on the popular genre of video games. Players must strike a balance between levelling and purchasing new equipment, cleave their way to the safety of the next bonfire, and be...   [click here for more]
89.Under Ashen Skies

Under Ashen Skies
by Blackoath Entertainment

Caution! This is a mature game with dark, twisted themes that would make any normal person feel uncomfortable. Purchase at your own risk! Pain. The first thing you remember is pain. Dull, slow, dragged out pain. The pain of loss. Of death. Of abandoned joys and found sorrows. The next thing you remember are stars. Bright, whirling, screaming stars. The lights of hope....   [click here for more]
90.Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome

Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome
by Necrotic Gnome

The essential old-school game of fantastic adventure, monsters, and magic — expanded with advanced monsters and treasures! Referee's Tome of Monsters and Treasures This book contains full guidelines for creating and running adventures, over 300 fearsome monsters, and over 300 wondrous magic items. Simple rules let imagination and fast-paced action take the spotlight. Clear, modern...   [click here for more]
91.D100 Dungeon (Book 1)

D100 Dungeon (Book 1)
by Martin Knight

D100 Dungeon (Book 1) is a game in which you will steer an adventurer through underground caves and dungeons, looking for lost treasures and completing dangerous quests. With each game your adventurer will gain wealth, recognition and become stronger and increasingly skilled in their pursuits. All you will need to play D100 Dungeon, is a pencil, eraser, a few dice and your imagination. Your journey...   [click here for more]
92.GODS - Le livre de base

GODS - Le livre de base
by Arkhane Asylum Publishing

Les dieux ont déserté les Terres Sauvages. Détruits, exilés, oubliés. Abattus par les Premiers Hommes dans leur soif insatiable de liberté et de pouvoir. Alors vint la fin du Premier Âge. Alors vint le temps de l’oubli. Parmi les ruines d’anciennes cités cyclopéennes et de temples abandonnés, de nouvelles civilisations se déchirent autour des vestiges d’un temps révolu. Le Culte...   [click here for more]

by Two Little Mice

[English and Italian version included /// Include sia la versione italiana che quella inglese] Outgunned is a cinematic action rpg inspired by the classics of the genre, from Die Hard to True Lies, passing through James Bond, Atomic Blonde, Kingsman, Ocean’s Eleven, Hot Fuzz, and John Wick. In Outgunned, Players take on the role of action Heroes...   [click here for more]
94.Wrath & Glory: Threat Assessment: Xenos

Wrath & Glory: Threat Assessment: Xenos
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Threat Assessment: Xenos contains a mass of new alien threats to challenge Agents of any Tier, and is the perfect companion to any Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory campaign. As well as massively expanding the Xenos factions found in the Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook, this book explores newcomers to the Gilead system, including the enigmatic T’au,...   [click here for more]
95.Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC RPG)

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC RPG)
by Goodman Games

Glory & Gold Won by Sorcery & Sword You’re no hero. You’re an adventurer: a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets. You seek gold and glory, winning it with sword and spell, caked in the blood and filth of the weak, the dark, the demons, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and...   [click here for more]
96.EZD6 Core Rulebook

EZD6 Core Rulebook

From the tabletop madness of DM SCOTTY crawls EZD6! A rules-light D6 RPG system that puts creativity over complexity, but delivers a suprising amount of variation and mechanical wiggle.  Hey guys it's Hankerin from Runehammer. I have been in the DM Scotty cult for years. He's a great guy, and has a trillion hours at the table. All that creativity and table time really shines in...   [click here for more]
97.Rolemaster Spell Law (RMU)

Rolemaster Spell Law (RMU)
by Iron Crown Enterprises

Rolemaster Spell Law For over four decades, Rolemaster has been the definitive fantasy role-playing game that combines realism and depth without sacrificing playability. Rolemaster Unified is the next evolution drawing upon the best elements of previous editions to create a streamlined and consistent game. Rolemaster Spell Law...   [click here for more]
98.Beyond the Wall - A Kingless Realm

Beyond the Wall - A Kingless Realm
by Flatland Games

A new sourcebook and setting for games of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures. The land is desperate for aid… A realm’s history has much to say about looming threats, about its peoples, and about heroes both untested and legendary. When forgotten evils stir and your hearthmates need you, it is time to gather allies and come to a broken kingdom’s defense. Venture...   [click here for more]
99.Akashic Expansions: Tai Lin

Akashic Expansions: Tai Lin
by Azoth Games

“It was a place of great wisdom.” This book includes the following: Myriad expansions to the rules and options for “ki” and ki pool using classes. Including the introduction of “mu”, a dark mirror to ki possessed by undead and some twisted martial artists. Martial arts based archetypes and class options for several classes including the Gōngfujia (Guru Philosophy), Shi Fu (Rajah...   [click here for more]
100.Mythic Magazine Compilation 5

Mythic Magazine Compilation 5
by Word Mill Games

Mythic Magazine Compilation #5 Mythic Magazine is a monthly ezine with tips, rules, and more goodies for the Mythic Role-Playing System, Mythic Game Master Emulator, and Crafter Series from Word Mill Games. This compilation collects the complete volumes 25-30 into a single book. Articles include: One-Page Mythic: A super simplified version of the Mythic Game Master Emulator,...   [click here for more]
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