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Pigsmoke: A Roleplaying Game of Sorcerous Academia

MSRP: $10.63
Deal price: $5.31 (50% off)
Deal of the Day
Certain Death

Step into the shoes of the faculty of Pigsmoke School of Sorcery, America's finest learning institution for the magically gifted. Teach classes, publish research, and try to navigate the cutthroat world of academia when the demons are real, the auditors are constructs of pure order, and imposter syndrome might just mean you're a doppelganger.

Students exist to make your life difficult. ...


Did Chico forget his lines in The Cocoanuts jail room scene...? While I dig deeper into that urgent mystery, you can get less than 21% OFF of these Inner Ham PDFs!

~•~ Inner Ham's FREE and PWYW titles remain FREE and PWYW, too! ~•~

Inner Ham  


50 % Sale on the Fantastical Ideas series during February 2021! Winter is a great time for reading and planning new campaigns!



In honor of Zinequest and for those in need of some art for their publications, all of the Feral Indie Studio art packs will be half-off (INCLUDING the newest Astrogothic art pack) from now until the end of February!

So get out there and get making!

Charles Ferguson-Avery  


Happy Chinese New Year 2021! In honor of the lunar new year and in the hopes that we can help people to enjoy it more we have marked down more than two dozen bestselling or newly-released titles by 60%. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

Skirmisher Publishing  


All Meteor Tales items are on a discount to celebrate our Kickstarter success! 

Thank you all for your support and enjoy this new RPG that has come to life!





Pour fêter la sortie du bundle contenant tous les suppléments de la gamme Knight, le livre de base est en promotion jusqu'au 28 février.



$20.00 $5.00

Get Crusade cheap to prepare for the demonic invasion in the new expansion Crusade: Rise of the Pit Fiend.



This is our February Sale 2021! :)



Spring is Coming - 80% Off Sale!

Idyll Creations  


Get all River Horse Productss 50% off. From Jim Henson's Labyrinth to Tails of Equestria!

River Horse Games  



Bix Six Adventures  


For the Love of Valentine will be 50% Off until the end of the month. Inspired by the tales of St. Valentine and the ancient legends of Lupercalia, your players will ultimately have to answer the question: Will Love triumph? 

Frog God Games  


2020 Solo Sale Banner Up To 20% off

Save up to 20% off all my solo titles during this year's Solo/Duo Sale.

Parts Per Million  

February Flash Sale - 40% off

Mica Raymond  


Spring Sale


Convention-style adventure, 25% off! Ready for VTT. Make sure you get the FREE TPSA VTT Shark Tokens, too!

Dog House Rules  


Time for some another sales! 

KMK and Pluto design  


60% OFF on core books!

Enter a new fantasy world to discover new races and experience power ups and adventures.

Welcome to the World of AEIOUS.

Warning: Not for the weak of heart and limited imagination...



Enter the Light Sale!

All Titles 30% Off!

Buy, Download and Enjoy!




I'm Alyssa Faden, and for the rest of February you can get most of my maps for 50% OFF! Black & White, Color, and Even PSDs. 



20% off!

Higher Grounds  


All Jon Hodgson Maps digital assets are 20% off until March!

Handiwork Games  


This Weekend Only! Each of These Titles is only $7.95 $4.95. Medieval Britain, Sword and Sorcery, or Paranormal Mysteries -- why not try all three?

Precis Intermedia  

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