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The DriveThruRPG Sales Guide


Huge Discounts on DRIVETHRURPGThis week's discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest offers from our publisher partners!

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs at DriveThruRPG!

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Deal of the Day Recommends: “Flames of Freedom tabletop RPG mixes Hamilton with Stranger Things … one of the best new TRPGs released this year.” “Fight The Shadows Of American History With The Flames Of Freedom RPG… For fans of this era of history, or tabletop gamers looking to do something a little differ...


Black Friday Sale!!

50% Off Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies! Lowest prices of the season!



$10.62 $7.96

For a limited time Mannerism is 25% off.

No dice or bidding, your description alone is enough to decisively resolve your action, success or failure. Character progression evolves naturally from how the characters are played.

Use unprecedented magic to overthrow the sorcerers that keep you from fulfilling your potential.


One month $0.99 sale (trying to make money to buy Christmas presents)! Please take a look and consider a purchase. Thanks very much!



Greeting Adventurers!

Worlde of Legends™ is currently on hiatus while we relocate our dwelling. In the meantime, we are running a 25% OFF EVERYTHING sale from Black Friday (11-26-2021) until the day after Christmas (12-26-2021)! Now is the time to grab the WoL™ product you've had your eye on! Happy Holidays! See you next year!

Cody Sibley
Chief Game Designer

Worlde of Legends  

Dungeon Pets

$4.99 $3.00

Get yourself an amazing Dungeon Pet that will make any adventure Green with Envy with this System free TTRPG Zine that makes it easy to add these amazing creatures to any game. Now on Sale for the holidays!

Skullbox Games  

Special end of the year sale! get teh Entire Overview of Gloriana for only .99!

Joe Wright  


These items are for sale! This is required promo text ;D


Black Friday is coming, followed by Cyber Monday. For that occasion, we're taking 30% off of Rest and Recuperation for these Black Cyber Weeks.

Ra Press  


HOLIDAY SEASON SALE! From Black Friday through Christmas Day, all Elf Lair Games PDF products* are on sale for 33% off their regular price! Now is the time to grab Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars, Chutzpah! A Certain Je ne Sais Quoi!, Spellcraft & Swordplay, and our line of 5e products and other sourcebooks. Stock up for the holidays now! 

*The Night Companion will be excluded from this sale when i releases in December.

Elf Lair Games  


Cyber Monday Sale!

Welcome to Stygian Fox's biggest sale of 2021! Almost all of our PDF titles are 30% off for one week only (ends December 6, 2021). 
Now is the time to pick up any titles you've been waiting on! 

Stygian Fox  


Save BIG on Headless Hydra Press digital products.


Give the Gift of Gaming Angry this Christmas!

Want to share the joy of pretending to be an elf with that poor, sad, non-gamer in your life? Want to help your GM suck a little less at running games for you and your friends? Want another book to shove on yourself and forget about? Want to send a random a$&hole; on the Internet some money?

From now until December 24, the print and electronic versions of Game Angry: How to RPG the Angry Way are 20% off at the Angry Games store and Drive-Thru RPG.


For the holidays, get Slayer Archetypes for only $1.00!

Anja Svare Productions  


For this holidays, everything in our shop is at 10%! Enjoy our content at a smaller price until December 25th!

Wendigo Workshop  


Korvidae Games Big Happy Hanukkah Sale!

Commemorate the defeat of Antioch IV and the Seleucids with the world's best exercise RPG!

Korvidae Games  


Big ICONS sale! Both of our ICONS adventure compilations and our Improbable Villains Compilation are now on sale for 30% off.

Fainting Goat Games  





Cyber Monday Sale!

Four adventures for 30% off!

Earl of Fife Games  

Cyber Monday Sale $1 Only

McNabb Games  


For the whole month of December, get one or both 2nd edition Fight! titles in PDF for 25% off! Merry Christmas from Divine Madness Press!

Divine Madness Press  

Holiday stocking stuffer sale.



From now until 12/05, all titles are 20% off! GET IT NOW! NOW!!!!

Tangent Artists  


               STONE & STEEL, SHADE & SORCERY.

               Everything here is at a 50% discount.



Save 40% ALL December!



Both editions of El'neth's Elephants are 20% through 12/31/21!  Consider giving that special person the thrilling and memorable experience of playing through El'neth's Elephants this holiday season.  



First Year Patreon Sale!

As thanks to all my wonderful Patrons who have supported me through my first year of Patreon, all of my products are currently 70% off until the 31st of December!

For more near-future maps feel free to visit me over at



25% off all product for 20 Days ;-)

Map alchemists  


Merry Christmas enjoy some discounts to your gaming!



Fantasy Weekend Zine issue Sale


Make your fantasy game project feature complete with our huge library of striking artworks.
Lore Wise Games  


Welcome new customers!  

Now until the end of the year get 30% off ALL Wolfhill Entertainment products.

Come see how we are breaking away from the pack

Wolfhill Entertainment  

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