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Huge Discounts on DRIVETHRURPGThis week's discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest offers from our publisher partners!

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs at DriveThruRPG!

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Cepheus Deluxe Enhanced Edition

MSRP: $9.99
Deal price: $4.00 (60% off)
Deal of the Day
Stellagama Publishing

Starships riding fire across the sky. Heroes and villains exchanging laser fire. Desperate spacers struggling against an alien monstrosity. Vast planetary vistas, flying cities, moonscapes, mad robots, and first encounters. In short: high-action science-fiction adventure that stimulates your sense of wonder. Cepheus Deluxe: Enhanced Edition puts you in the shoe...


Chickens cross roads to escape our questions -- which has nothing to do with INNER HAM's Less Than 21% off Sale! And even better, it's happening right NOW! The sale that is, not the chicken questions.

Plus, our FREE and PWYW titles remain FREE and PWYW! Grab yourself some Ham, Tiger!

Inner Ham  


Start 2023 off with a bang with our 50% off sale to blow away those January blues. 



Covers, Characters, Fillers, Card Art, Templates

Dean Spencer Art  


Kicking off the new year with ALL of my items being 50% off before they go full price into February! Each sale will price an additional community copy for whatever game you buy, so people can get my games for free!


Happy New Year! To help folks out with their Dungeon23 projects this year, we're putting the Dungeon Drafter on sale 80% off for the entire month of January. Happy Hacking delvers!



New Year, New Deals! Enjoy all of our titles at 25% off their original price in the month of January 2023!

Status Effect Games LLC  


New YOU, new MUSCLES sale!

It's a brand new year - 2023 - and it's time to get serious about being healthy!

There's no better way to enjoy the get healthy and strong than with LIFTS: the RPG for Your Muscles! LIFTS is a veritable cornucopia of parodies of your favourite RPGs (Deadlifts & Dragons, Roboflex, Dungym World, and a bunch more), and instead of dice, you and your friends use exercise!

Get strong and get healthy with LIFTS!

Korvidae Games  

Enter the City of Stone and slay the high priest of Jul-Juggah! Plunder the ancient gold of Namthu! Seek the fabled jewel of Khadim Bey, but beware the nameless horrors of the Al-Khazi desert! Fight the dread adepts of the ape-god, or succumb to the pleasures of the Moon-Juice of Yaatana!

A critically acclaimed collection of ten blood-red sword and sorcery adventures, inspired by the pulp era tales of Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. NOW AT 50% OFF



In order to support #OpenDnD and push for a better Open Gaming License, all of my products that support the current version of the "worlds best roleplaying game" will be as free as I can make it until a new Open Gaming License is shown to the public, or until January 1st, 2024. My hope is that you use my products to continue playing the version of the game we love, and delay going to the next version that has an Open Gaming License that does not support their 3rd Party Creators.



Putting the newest titles on sale through the end of January! Happy New Year! 

Orbital Intelligence LLC  


Grab them while you can!

It's difficult to say what's going to happen in the next while, so we're offering our gaming supplements for a steal of a deal now.

Dire Rugrat Publishing  






IT'S THE ELF LAIR GAMES OPEN LICENSE DOOMSDAY SALE! From 1/13 through 1/31/2023, ALL PDF TITLES ARE 25% OFF! Grab your Night Shift, Spellcraft & Swordplay, and Chutzpah! materials now while they're hot!

Elf Lair Games  


OGL Fire Sale!

50% off everything released under the OGL 1.0a until WoTC/Hasbro either burn it all down or come to their senses.  


We've gone System Neutral! Now compatible with even more Old School Games.



Attention everyone! We are putting Snowhaven on sale for 50% for the rest of January. It's the dead of winter, what a perfect time to check out the setting!

High Level Games  


Necromancer Games is hosting a DTRPG Sitewide OGL Sale through January 25 January 31, 2023. The sale has been extended!

Customers can receive 50% off all Necromancer Games products in our store.


Time to try a new game! Just $1.00! Take the role of a child from our world and step through a secret door to the magical land of Yeld. Choose a Heroic Job like Oathbreaker or Witch and set out on a quest to challenge Prince Dragul and his Hunetrs of Yeld before you turn 13 and become a Monster, trapped in the magical land forever! A unique beautifully illustrated all-ages RPG system from the creator of the webcomic Modest Medusa!

Atarashi Games  


75% all OGL titles -- 5e and OSR settings, adventures, races, feats and more!

Tim Bannock  


Removing OGL Sale from products. This sale will be going up until the release of OGL, after which removed from the Sale altogether, and a curated non-OGL file will be released containing both(probably even earlier)


Embark on a journey of love and adventure this Valentine's Day with Love Transcends Any End.

Uncover the timeless romance of a long-lost couple and thwart the plans of a vengeful night hag.

Take advantage of our 50% off Valentine's Day special.



Celebrate Open Gaming with our Open00 Sale!






Anniversary Sale until the end of January!



I'm celebrating my status as an independent publisher of RPG products by placing all my products on sale. 75% off for as long as I feel like it. Grab it now!



Save 50% on OGL books and zines

  • 5e x 5 Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Modern books
  • Parallel Open Gaming System Weapon, Skillls, and Armor books
  • Goblin, orc, alien, elf, dwarf, troll, pro wrestling, angel, and aircraft Ref zines.

Looking to try a new game? The retrofuture cyberpunk RPG HARD WIRED ISLAND is 50% off for the rest of the month!



Interesse mal in Pathfinder reinzuschauen? Das Grundregelwerk von Pathfinder 2 ist aktuell über PWYW zu haben und ALLE anderen digitalen Pathfinder-Titel gibt es bis Ende Januar mit 25% Rabatt!

Ulisses Spiele  


First Quarter Sale!

Enjoy 50% off the core books.

Enter the wide, wild, World of AEIOUS.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Contains complex rules, races, classes, types, powers, and more....



Putting my stuff on sale while Ruination Pilgrimage is funding on Kickstarter. 




$4.99 $1.00

Get Rogueland for $1 through January 2023!

Caverns of Heresy  


Days of Darkness Sale: This month the Red Room released Wretched Darkness, the best mature horror OSR game ever (as far as we know it is also the only one...). That's why, until the end of the January, you will find all of our horror-themed scenarios with a 25% discount.

The Red Room  


Extended Sale!

Our first Flash Sale went so well, we decided to extend it: 50% OFF all our paid titles continues!



Buy NOW before the 2023 price increase!

Rogue Genius Games  


Odysseys & Overlords 1st Edition Sale

60% OFF all PDFs from the complete 1st Edition of Odysseys & Overlords

Aegis Studios  


30% off of all of Tales From Dungeons Deep! 




Probably a good chance to grab some cool art for your ZineQuest5 project!

Jeremy Hart  


Love a RPG sale! 30% off until Valentine's Day!



Glitter Hearts

$15.00 $10.50

New year, new game! Try something fresh as part of your new year's resolution!



Looking for weird games to get your group through the winter blahs? A little palate-cleanser perhaps?

Check out Adventurer & Troll, a 2-player one-shot, or The Well, a longer-campaign game where players collect little charms and gems and the GM gets to surprise themselves with planning they'd entirely forgotten.

Banshee Games  



$4.99 $2.99

Fill your world with a score of fleshed out townsfolk, each with pre-existing relationships, histories and secrets to make the life of the GM simpler, and the experience of player characters richer.

Townsfolk is on sale throughout January while we finish the formatting and artwork for our latest projects: Featherfoots Arcane Poisons & Featherfoots Foraging Field Guide.


The monster generator creates stats and descriptions for both intelligent and animal type monsters for your OSR games.


Now is the perfect time to try a new RPG! Save 25% on the Coyote & Crow Core Rulebook here at DriveThruRPG!

Coyote & Crow is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an alternate future where colonization of the Americas never happened. In this world that is both familiar and entirely new, you'll take on the role of heroic characters adventuring in a changing landscape.



Something something sale. 

Pluto City Maps  


DISCOUNTS ON Adventures for Fort Griffin Savaged

DHR offers two PDF Adventures for Fort Griffin Savaged at a 50% discount, for a limited time. Buying both of these PDFs during this special offer costs less than buying Night of the Grizz PDF by itself at normal price!

The print versions of both titles are also available at 20% discounts — buy either POD title at the 20% discount and get the PDF version for free!

Dog House Rules  


New releases 30% off through Sunday, January 29th!

Lightspress Media  


Frog God Games is hosting a DTRPG Sitewide OGL Sale through January 25 January 31, 2023. The sale has been extended!

Customers can receive 50% off all Frog God Games products in our store.

Frog God Games  




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