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Huge Discounts on DRIVETHRURPGThis week's discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest offers from our publisher partners!

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs at DriveThruRPG!

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EXUVIAE | Relics of House Dragonfly

MSRP: $19.95
Deal price: $7.98 (60% off)
Deal of the Day
Sean Smith

Imagine if David Cronenberg directed The Maltese Falcon

"One of the few truly functional investigative RPGs I've read.  It's up there with GUMSHOE in terms of investigative design." - James D'Amato, of ONE SHOT PODCAST



While we all wait for Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, you can start the year on the right foot with these best selling core books! Take advantage of this year's 20% off sale while it lasts. Stay safe and Happy gaming!

Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG  


This is our January Sale 2021! :)



Thank F&CK; 2020 is DONE, son sale!  All PDF's are 30% off for the month of January!

DIY RPG Productions  

New Years Supers Sale!

Idyll Creations  


January Sales on Solo Adventures!


Release Party Discount

Sorry no actual party, but please enjoy a 20% discount on Enchiridion of the Computarchs in celebration of its release.

~ James

Horse Shark Games


Buccaneers of the Big Black Sale

To celebrate the coming launch of our Issue 2 Kickstarter, Issue 1 is now $2 from now until the end of the month.

Planar Compass Issue 2 Kickstarter

Planar Compass  


Set in a Grimmsian world.

Fight evil by influencing fate,

through your illustration skills.

Solo play.


Pick up DEEP MAW before this exclusive sale price ends! 



To celebrate the release of From R'lyeh with Love, all Die Screaming products are 90% off!



It's our 3rd anniversary sale!! Enjoy a 30% off discount from 1/21 to 2/8/2021!! 

Dragon Workshop  


In conjunction with the New Year Sale of my physical posters and miniatures on Kickstarter, the corresponding digital products are being offered at half off through the middle of February 2021.



Frog God Games is thrilled to announce a 50% DISCOUNT on most of our DriveThruRPG digital catalog for the rest of the month! Almost everything except the last six months, including the ever-classic fan favorites like Rappan Athuk and Tome of Adventure Design are included in the sale. Don’t wait: the sale ends when January does!

Frog God Games  




Get Enhancer for 20% off its a d6 system that takes place on a Rouge Planet inhbited by beings from a thousand differnt worlds.... Enhancer is game where anything is possible and its possible to play just about anything you can think of. 


33% Off for the rest of January.



$9.99 $4.99

Sorry you missed the Deal of the Day! But don't worry, you can still get Wallace for 50% off for a little while longer ...

Earl of Fife Games  

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