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The DriveThruRPG Sales Guide


Huge Discounts on DRIVETHRURPGThis week's discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest offers from our publisher partners!

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs at DriveThruRPG!

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Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition: The Nest

MSRP: $4.00
Deal price: $2.00 (50% off)
Deal of the Day
Misfit Studios

Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition: The Nest

The Nest is an adventure for Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition that is intended for competent combatants. It is an ideal interlude while on their way somewhere else.

The group of wastelanders finds Tindale, a pre-Fall, abandoned mining town in the mountains, just as a seasonal sandstorm comes upon them. They must explore th...


In celebration of Small Business Saturday, and we're discounting all of our older content until Christmas. Get 70% off everything and support our small business with your purchases.



Grab yourself or a loved one a great deal this holiday season! This title is on sale until the end of December. 


All my stock art at 40% discount!

And so much more!

Happy Holidays! Cook a dang fantasy feast for your friends!



%50 off on all titles to celebrate the Kickstarter launch of our next book, Dungeons & Heists on 23rd of November

Cabal of Enchantment  


Looking for adventures in an urban setting? Perhaps you wish to explore the mountains or an enchanted garden with awakened animals? Maybe you fancy a horror adventure in the Hushed Hills?

Immerse your table in our varied adventure packs, filled filled with encounters, NPCs, and detailed regional maps.



Holiday Season Sale!

60% OFF

WARNING: Contains complex rules, formulas, powers, races, class, types, and others.

Welcome to the World of AEIOUS, an exciting and immersive role-playing game that transports you to a vast and wild world filled with action, adventure, and powers. Drawing inspiration from anime and fantasy, AEIOUS empowers you to create your own stories, develop unique characters, and become part of a rich and dynamic mythos.


Check this out mate!! 

ChessBattles now on SALE!! 



Labreth Gaming holiday sale is live!





Now through the end of 2023: Charity sale for By the Light of the Whispering Flame! 50% off the digital version, and $5 off print and print/digital bundles. All proceeds go to Second Harvest Heartland to provide hunger relief for Midwestern families in need. (I have no affiliation with SHH)



The end of the year is nigh! But it's not all that bad. It's a great time to relax around a table and play a few games with friends and family. To celebrate the run-up to the end of 2023, I'm having a 50% off sale on both Ghost Club RPG titles! The sale ends on Christmas Eve, so don't miss out. >< 


Half price until Boxing Day. Happy Holidays!



No themes ... just a big 50% discount from Dec 1 to Dec 10.



It's dark and miserable, and also nearly my birthday so I'm having a 50% off sale of all my stuff until Boxing Day.

Librarians & Leviathans  

MythCraft PreLaunch Special!

MythCraft is Coming MythCraft is HERE!

For the remainder of 2023, the MythCraft Core Rulebook is only $4.99 for new players.


Start a fight for the holidays! For the month of December the Fight to Survive pdf is 40% off. It's never been cheaper to start a fight.

James Kerr  


Evil Days Sale!

Get some evil adventures for 50% off!

Earl of Fife Games  


Don't miss your chance to take advantage of MacroVerse Games holiday sale!  Get Perseverance and Planet Fall for $3.99 each today!



A very Dreaded Holiday Sale

30% OFF ALL Products



The New Year is coming! Get your 2024 resoutions started with some fun with The Dragon Returns! Get it 50% off for the month of December!

Greyshield Games  


All Shadowroth Dynasties titles are on sale until the 25th December!



Christmas discount! 50% off everything!



Happy Holidays!!!

Kris's Compendium of Trade Goods  


Happy D4-Day!


December sale! Buy Soot for a friend or family member as a holiday gift!



Krampusnacht Sale!

In celebration of the night when Krampus the Christmas Devil is loosed upon the world to punish naughty children, you can grab a digital ACE Gamebook for just £2!

You'd better be good, for goodness' sake!

Gruss vom Krampus banner



Holiday Sale! Take 25% off some of our best pdfs! 

Status Effect Games LLC  


Dive into a realm of fitness and fantasy this December with LIFTS, the world's best (and only?) exercise RPG!

Snag 25% off on both LIFTS: Ultimate Pump Edition and LIFTS: Powered by Your ABpocalypse. Venture into exhilarating minigames like Shadowrunning, Roboflex, Deadlifts & Dragons, Quadfinder, and Muscle of the Week.

Embrace the thrill of every squat and spell. Your epic journey awaits at unbeatable prices!

Korvidae Games  


It's the Astral Tides Holiday Sale! Get the Astral Tides Core Rules, the adventure Bones of Rocuron, and the one-shot On the Edge for 25% off from December 6th through the 20th!

Nicholas Kory  

25% off The Horrors in Harnox

The Horrors in Harnox is currently 25% off until the 15th of December in preparation for the release of the Adventure Death in Dumont Manor



Enjoy the discounts for this deadly December!



The SIDEQUEST Holiday Sale!

You folks responded so positively to the release of the PDF of the SIDEQUEST Year 2 Annual that we've decided to put the PDFs of both annuals on sale until Christmas Eve to say thank you. 

Grab hundreds of pages of 5e compatible, best-selling material for players and GMs in two convenient volumes! 

Happy holidays
Much love



New and Recent Releases 20% Off

Lightspress Media  


Holiday Sale


SALE TIME! The nights are getting long and it's the perfect time of year for enjoying some indoor TTRPG fun, so perfect time to also get a nice Character Sheet nice and cheap! :D



SagaBorn Winter Sale!

Everything is 20% off until the New Year!

Lone Wanderer Entertainment  


It's a wonderful end of year for Wondrous & Perilous Treasures! Bring new spice and fun to your table with an edition for Old-School and for 5e!


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