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Huge Discounts on DRIVETHRURPGThis week's discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest offers from our publisher partners!

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs at DriveThruRPG!

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$layers: The Dead of Night

MSRP: $9.99
Deal price: $4.00 (60% off)
Deal of the Day
Misfit Studios

$layers: The Dead of Night for Savage Worlds

$layers: The Dead of Night delves into a world where bloodsucking undead are humanity's deadliest, most-secret enemy. Mankind fights back with organized, heroic Hunters as the tip of the spear (or, more accurately, stake.) But there are also the $layers, men and women who kill the undead for mone...


Outbreak Sale | Game on the budget all month long!

New Horizon offers a unique new system crafted from the ground up. A system so finely tuned, I dare to call it my Magnum Opus. 1.3K+ customers can't be wrong!!! My titles are a solid alternative to other big names out there. Did you know, the game is also receiving a PC/Mac port in full 3D? The whole gaming community gets to experience the Knights & Legends legacy. Don't miss out!

Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG  

Introductory sale 20% off!



Quarantine Sale! 50% off select titles, including Manastorm: World of Shin'ar and the Tome of Many Things (5e)! If you are stuck in the house, why not try your hand at surviving a Manastorm! 

Terran Empire Publishing  


Nie wychodź z domu, graj w RPG. Za połowę ceny!

Black Monk Games  


Isolation Survival Deal - stuck home in quarantine and have nothing to read and play? We HALVED our prices just for you FOR A MONTH!

Stellagama Publishing  


Social distancing doesn't mean no D&D;, it just means a different way to play.  Adventures by Space Daddy Games are self-contained and perfect for the Virtual Tabletop.  Adventures include maps, GM guides.  50% off for the next month.

Space Daddy Games  


Quarantined quality reading. 

Mad Martian Games  

Due to the current situation, Gishes & Goblins will be discounted for the next four weeks.

Stay Safe.



While in Corona Lockdown, have some greatly priced games now even more reduced!

San Jenaro Co-Op  


Stay Home and Play Hero Kids Sale!

To help ease boredom with you families during this time, all of my Hero Kids titles will be available for 25 cents.  Stay safe and enjoy some games with your family.

Bix Six Adventures  

Awaken Core Rulebook is on a sale until 04.20! 

The Games Collective  

Covid-19 stay at home and play games sale



We know playing games can be a key part of relieving stress and good mental health during times of crisis, so we’ve decided to sell all our digital content for 50% off from March 21st to April 20th

You can also pick up our comedy anime RPG, Teenagers from Outerspace, for free.

We hope this helps you stay safe and healthy.

R. Talsorian Games Inc.  


We want to solidarice with everyone at home. Given the Coronoavirus situation we will have our Post Apocalyptic buildings at 50% their retail price for as long as the confinement lasts!



For my honored fans.  Books for all the Iron Realm fans.  Take what you will.  And be you well always, in the Light and in the Dark.

The Iron Realm  


Ab auf die digitale Spielwiese

Am Wohnzimmertisch nichts los, deine Freunde sozial distanziert? Dann bleibt immer noch der virtuelle Spieltisch!

Für die nächsten 2 Wochen gibt es alle unsere Kartenpakete für den halben Preis. Spiel dein Spiel und lass dich nicht unterkriegen.

Unsere handgestalteten Karten und liebevoll entworfenen Schauplätze sollen dir dabei helfen. Entweder jetzt online oder indem du damit ein tolles Abenteuer vorbereitest, das du spielst, wenn die Tore wieder aufgehen!



While we are all recovering from isolation, we at Battlefield Press are offering our entire catalog at 50% off for the month of April. Have fun and enjoy. 

Battlefield Press  


Fantasy Constructed Languages: Fairy, Elvish, and Orcish languages additional 33% off (40% off original price)

Elvish has 700 English words translated into Alvan a Kashi language. Taloya! Salan, faza-ef nasi ying alvan a kashi.

Orcish, ulka u kukha, has 388 orcish words. Kukuk-un yuna du naru?

Fairy , emojey-on laaf, is a small language about 200 words. emoj wo esh tsofe ara = What will your certain fate be? = How are you all?



Lets play indoors SALE!

Difficult times are upon us all and we encourage you all to stay in doors and read RPG's! So to help you in this mission we're continuing our spring sale of 30% off most of our products!

Triple Ace Games  


While everyone is hunkered down at home, now is a good time for publishers to work on some projects. With this in mind, ALL Clipart Critters will be 1/3 off normal retail price. Everyone stay safe, stay sheltered, get busy! 

Postmortem Studios  


Bonjour à tous, 

A l'occasion du confinement lié à la pandémie de Covid-19, nous vous vous proposons une remise exceptionnelle de 50% sur l'intégralité de nos PDF pour vous permettre de compléter votre collection, ou vous offrir quelques heures de lecture pendant ces longues journées. 

Restez bien chez vous, prenez soin de vous et des votres. 

L'équipe de l'Arkhane Asylum

Arkhane Asylum Publishing  


What are you waiting for?

Get new races, classes, and objects for your favorite OSR game!

For just $1.00!

Eryssel's Journeys  

Mysterium 8

$4.99 $0.99

Solidarietà Digitale.

Panzer8 Games  


test text






During this trying time, when more of us are moving to online gaming, we at Appendix N Entertainment would like to offer those of you who have yet to purchase them, both of our Old-School Essentials titles for 50% off for those who have not yet acquired them.



During this time people are going to more online methods of playing their games. So in the spirit of gaming I have decided to open all of my map sales and make ALL of my packs .99 until April 26th. Good luck, be safe and happy gaming!



Two solo games, both on sale for 15 cents (Australian) for one weekend.

A review of each will be MUCH appreciated.



While the world is quarantined, let's find a way to play some games! It could be over Skype, Roll20, or any other tool, and PDFs are a great way to support those games. We're running a 50% off Stay at Home sale from March 30 - April 13! Take advantage of these deals to entertain yourselves at home.

Mystical Throne Entertainment  


Please enjoy the pdf of DPC-RPG's debut title - Crypt of the Shadow Lord - now at the discounted price of $1.99 through the month of April!

Crypt of the Shadow Lord is written for one, first-level, lawful cleric. Not unlike the "choose-your-own-path" books of yesteryear, this adventure has been written so that the storybook (along with some assistance from you) plays the role of referee.

"it's a pretty deadly adventure” - OSR News and Reviews



We know many of you are stuck at home, so please enjoy any of our Ephemeris titles for 60% off.

Nomadic Delirium Press  



Get these titles at 75% off and launch a new adventure in no fool's land.



Locked inside? Going insane? Well, so am I! 50% off these select titles for the entire month of April!

Schwalb Entertainment  


That's right 50% off all the titles for the month April. Why? Because we're celebrating. And want to say thank you to everyone. 

Magic Pig Media  


All James Mishler Games products are on sale at 50% off during the duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States.

Stay home, stay safe, read and play online!

James Mishler Games  

Arthur Lives Sale! Arthur Lives for Fate Core is on sale for 40% off from 3/31 through 4/7

Fainting Goat Games  

The Vagrants' Guide is now 50% off for a limited time.

Mordite Press  

An RPG-esque card game. Set in a specific world where - due to geological reasons - knighthood is highly widespread.

Medium-Level Fantasy . . . not the flash-bang sort.



It's been one year since the release of The Sunken Temple of Chloren-Var.   This 100 page module features 60 unique areas to explore within the dungeon, random secret rooms and treasures, limited time and light resources, original art, maps, and so much more.  At 60% off you can't go wrong.

Wolfhill Entertainment  

Only $9.99 for the complete game! Stuck at home? Try something new! It is 2099 & you don’t own your identity, it was sold to the Corps. Take to the streets & take your identity back from the Corps who seek to control you in a thrilling RPG where social cohesion is as impactful as a gunshot from the Boardrooms to the borderlands. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING. TIME TO PUT ON A SHOW!


Twilight Song

$15.00 $7.50

Don't miss your chance to get Twilight Song, the pastoral sci-fi hack of The Quiet Year, at half price!



Everything has got to go! :)

Zeitgeist Games  


To support the global effort to reduce Coronavirus transmission Harbinger Games is having a sale - all titles are 33% off from April 3rd until April 17th!



Pre-CYCLOPS CON Sale! These INNER HAM PDFs are all 2/3rd off! And check out our FREE and PWYW titles as well!

Inner Ham  


Celebrate some together time with the friends and family you are locked up with by playing some games.  Or take this opportunity to teach that friend that has been hesitant of a digital platform how to get going! Either way, do it for less through the month of April. Dire Corgi Games, Come play with us!



Kids of all ages LOVE mutant animals, super-heroes and ninjas! Use the After the Bomb® and Heroes Unlimited™ RPGs and sourcebooks to recreate the Ninja Turtles® experience or your favorite Marvel or DC super-heroes to make the next 95 Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ninja Turtles, or Justice League movies right there in your kitchen or living room! Or make your own menagerie of heroes and comic book-style adventures.

Palladium Books  


Hi everyone. In order to help you #stayhome during these difficult times, I decided put up a 50% sale for all my digital RPG products for the next month.

This includes my recently released RPG system "P10", English and Italian version.

It's a small gesture from a humble little publisher, but I hope it can bring some happines to you all.

And don't forget to check out all my other pay-what-you-want titles.

Enjoy! :)



Everything is in sale! Get your game on during the quarantine!

Higher Grounds  

80% Off Sale!

Idyll Creations  

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