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Huge Discounts on DRIVETHRURPGThis week's discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest offers from our publisher partners!

Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs at DriveThruRPG!

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Deadball: Baseball With Dice

MSRP: $10.00
Deal price: $5.00 (50% off)

Just in time for Halloween, five undead themed adventures to amuse or terrify your players.


Cloaked Pawns

$4.00 $2.00

An alternate sort of roleplaying game where everyone first plays it solo and then everyone plays it as a group later on.

Taking place in a semi-fantastical 17th Century Spain, where the spice trade is just as powerful as sorcery.


Character Mechanisms anniversary sale, 20% off

This character mechanism book has tools to help create characters, character behavior, dialogue topics, voice qualities, character motivation, character sensory data, emotions, body language, human physical descriptions, character knowledge, careers, subconscious dreams & interpretation, and circles of relationships.

This meant to aid or take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for creating dialogue and behavior.



Instead of a one day, “Full moon sale” this month, we are celebrating back to school with 25% OFF all Wolfhill Entertainment products.

Wolfhill Entertainment  


Pre-October Sale! It's not yet October, so it's time for a sale!*

* This sale replaces our usual Post-August Sale. We regret any inconvenience this causes...

Inner Ham  

Drowning Moon Studios: Mixtape, a compilation of 10 short freeform larps inspired by music, is 30% off until the end of September! Enjoy a variety of different live action roleplaying games, ranging from the playful supervillain camp of Everybody Wants to Rule The World, to the emotionally challenging intimate family drama of Your Arms Out of Water. Most require few materials and can be played in a variety of locations. Safety, calibration and decompression techniques are included.

Drowning Moon Studios  

On sale through September!



60% SALE! I am moving so pretty much all of our digital titles and stock art is on sale until the end of September! 

Terran Empire Publishing  


Here are a bunch of our lesser-known products. Of the lot, I highly recommend Dying Dead or Contagion's Kiss if you're looking for an adventure, or How to Plan a Murder if you want a LARPish murder mystery dinner party. Claustrophobia is a great little beer and pretzels game. Companionable Darkness is the latest adventure for our line of D&D; 5e solo adventures.

Be sure to check out our other products too.

Rising Phoenix Games  


Aeon Forge 1st  Aniversary Sale

Aeon Forge  


Monsters and Miniatures Sale

The release of the recent Rifts® Bestiary has inspired us to do a sale on books that feature the monsters and the inhuman from Rifts® to Fantasy. We've thrown in all of the paper minis and a few other treats for good measure. Enjoy.

Palladium Books  


Richard A. Knaak's

Rex Draconis RPG SALE!

All Rex Draconis RPG books for 30% OFF!

  • Rising Tides: 90 page adventure book
  • Amble's Guide to Avondale: City setting supplement
  • Player's Companion: All your Rex Draconis specific player options (races/archetypes/backgrounds +more)

Richard A. Knaak is a New York Times Bestselling author known for Dragonlance/WorldOfWarcraft/Diablo plus many more. From his mind comes this setting of minotaurs, dwarves, elves & a much darker evil!


Halloween is coming up, so be prepared with the weirdest monsters in your neighborhood! Whether you want your monsters whimsical, pitiable, menacing, or thoroughly grotesque, Humblebird's Infinite Monsters has you covered.




Dean Spencer Art  


From now until the end of baseball season, all Deadball expansions are 30% off!


Introductory pricing on the new 'zine, Beneath the Glass and Steel.



New Horizon, brings the excitement back to the table with a newly formatted all-in-one, standalone, tabletop RPG. If you aren't familiar with the Knights & Legends universe, NH is the perfect starting point. You'll be introduced to a freshly redesigned core system, and experience a bloodbath in combat!

Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG  

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