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After tallying the votes from both our site and our Facebook page, the monster-killing monstrosity created by Lindsey Robbins has taken top honors. Here's how it all breaks down -

Grand Prize: Sepia (Lindsey Robbins)

Lindsey receives the Grand Prize, which includes the ViewSonic gTablet and a custom illustration of Sepia by Postmortem Studio's Bradley McDevitt!

First Runner Up: Eb/N0 aka Signal (Brian Houle)

Brian receives a $100 Gift Certificate for DriveThruRPG!

Second Runner Up: Gyth (John Miller)

John wins the $50 Gift Certificate for DriveThruRPG!

The remaining finalists, Michael Tessitore (David Weaver) and George (Cameron Harris) each get a $25 Gift Certificate just for making it to this level!

Congratulations again to our winners, and thanks to all of you for supporting this big event! Let us know what you thought of it -!

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