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RPG Backstory Template
by Dave A.
Publisher: Luke Hart
Date Added: 05/09/2021 20:15:11
RPG Backstory Template I really like this. Now to just get my players to actually fill it out. Bribe them with gp perhaps?

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Tyrnador Music
by Bruce R.
Publisher: GRAmel
Date Added: 05/09/2021 18:20:23
Tyrnador Music I've been using the Tyrnador music for a D&D game (but will be running Tyrnador Savage Worlds shortly in about 2 months and will use it again then). The track 'Deep into the Dungeon' music is suitably long and creepy for a dungeon crawl. (My kids really praised this track as very creepy) The track 'The Necromancer's domain' is perfect for those dungeon moments when undead are involved. The 'Through the forest of Tyrn' is great for forest exploration (again, suitably creepy to create the mood). I haven't used all of the tracks in game yet but 'Inside the city of Bridgegate' feels like a city exploration but again there is a bit of underlying menace to the track. All of the travelling/exploration tracks are long enough (10+ mins) so that they don't feel repetitive. I was going to reach out to Gramel and find out who the composer is and whether the composer has any more tracks like these. Highly recommended. ...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
by Matthew P.
Publisher: EDGE Studio
Date Added: 05/09/2021 17:57:02
Mechasys This supplement is just plain AWESOME! It makes setting up GENESYS for a mecha campaign super easy, and offers a good base to start homebrewing off of! I can't for what else is coming out in the future!

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The Waking of Willowby Hall
by Seth P.
Publisher: Questing Beast Games
Date Added: 05/09/2021 16:45:11
The Waking of Willowby Hall I had a great time running this for a group of folks I met online. We're more than half way through the adventure, and I can't wait to run it again for another group. I really enjoyed the variety of inventive scenarios this adventure puts the PCs in, and I found I was often just as surprised as my players were when a random event happened, or an interesting treasure was found or used. The adventure can get a little chaotic at times (so you'll want to use a system you're familiar with or is easy to run), but it's worth it for the surprises around every corner....

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Coriolis: Kawun Freighter
by Jesper C.
Publisher: Free League Publishing
Date Added: 05/09/2021 14:41:04
Coriolis: Kawun Freighter Not much to say more than this is an excellent product and I was very happy with it. The previews don´t lie, its good design in combination with a work of art. Inspiring.

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Deep Carbon Observatory - Remastered
by Derrick L.
Publisher: False Machine Publishing
Date Added: 05/09/2021 13:08:36
Deep Carbon Observatory - Remastered The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that this is my favorite "adventure" ever made. The remaster only improved what was already a great piece of art. Now, to get even more prententious I'll say why I love it so much. * Everything is moving, everything is energetic and progressing in carrowmore and in the wider world. Most modules do this by boring you with like ten paragraphs of stuff but Stuart simply tells you the child you failed to save will grow up to be someone that preys on people or that the By-Frosens are taking over the world. These are the "further in the future" bits but immediate consquences and moving parts are utilized throughout. * It's really funny. Maybe it won't be funny to other people, but I think stuart nails a particular type of dark humor that I love and have found to be most successful in roleplay. The absurdity of the dueling wizards, the deadpan statement that your presumed rivals at the start h...

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Mothership: Gradient Descent
by Derrick L.
Publisher: Tuesday Knight Games
Date Added: 05/09/2021 12:41:50
Mothership: Gradient Descent I don't know if I'll ever be capable of running Gradient Descent, but the ideas and quality of the writing alone have earned it five stars. It's in that rare strata of "gameable" material that influences beyond just plucking a few cool npcs or a trap idea from. It made me rethink how things in a dungeon should hang together and what choices to make in building an atmosphere. Pick it up.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Interface Zero 3.0 Players Guide to 2095
by Henry F.
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
Date Added: 05/09/2021 12:01:39
Interface Zero 3.0 Players Guide to 2095 I'm a backer of the Kickstarter, which at this time is nearly 2 years late with the physical book delivery (among other stretch goals). The author of this product has been extremely divisive in his soapbox statements during the Kickstarter run, at one point removing the Cop Campaign from the game because of his own (newly found) political views. Despite being extremely late on the delivery, the author has started denying refunds because so many people wanted to back out after he started rewriting the game to inject his real-life politics. Presentation wise - Interface Zero 3.0 is a ghost of Interface Zero 2.0 in every way. The previous edition had superior art direction, format, layout and rules. IFZ3's art is mostly recycled from IFZ2, but looks extremely out of place with the solid white page backgrounds. IFZ3's layout is amateur at best. In my opinion, IFZ3 doesn't improve on IFZ2's rules in any way; if anything, IFZ3 simply removes IFZ2 rules and doesn...

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Sagas & Six-Guns
by John P. H.
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
Date Added: 05/09/2021 09:43:02
Sagas & Six-Guns Ever since the first generic RPG's appeared in the 80's, there has been a steady stream of unique combinations of genres. This is one of those. Combining two perennial favorites, the Western and Fantasy, the author has created a truly unique game world. Aspects of Norse culture have been woven into a place mirroring the Old West, setting the characters as the heroes and heroines of their own sagas, but with stetsons and six-guns. There is even a touch of the steampunk genre, again, well-integrated with the Norse-feel of the setting. A detailed plot-point campaign and many side adventures enable a game master to put their band of characters into an epic saga at the very core of the setting. Although they might be fought with guns, many of the enemies featured are the traditional Norse monsters and villains – giants and trolls, the restless undead, and followers of Loki – along with traditional Western enemies – villainous cattle-barons, bank and train robbers, and rustl...

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Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20: Operation Vanguard
by Ben S.
Publisher: Modiphius
Date Added: 05/09/2021 07:55:15
Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20: Operation Vanguard This 28 page product gets you right into the mission, which is great for any short adventure. It includes some historical background that to me is a must for any real world adventure not based in the current era. The maps and player handouts are good quality images and the story allows for the players to choose their own way while not feelimg railroaded. Although it's a sequel to A Quick Trip to France, you don't need to run that adventure first (Though it's free so why not?) Finally at the end, a few ideas for what might happen once the adventure is over are suggested for those who wish to continue to plot....

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Holiday Dorastor: The Temple of Heads
by Nick B.
Publisher: Chaosium
Date Added: 05/09/2021 06:52:00
Holiday Dorastor: The Temple of Heads **Holiday Glorantha: The Temple of Heads** is an exquisitely-detailed Thanatari temple complex in Dorastor, Land of Doom, taking adventurers from the relative safety of the Horned Skull Inn to the Tunnels of Doom far below. As you'd expect, there are dungeon complexes, Rune-level leaders and their henchlings, new monsters, magic items, spells, cults, sorcery... plus four short scenarios and innumerable adventure hooks. There are traditionally grotesque writeups for four Thanatar Rune Masters – head-hunting book-nerds engaged in institutional rivalries that make Oxbridge look tame – plus more than a dozen colourful locals. This is the first in a projected **Holiday Dorastor** series, expanding on the iconic locations of Glorantha's nastiest Chaos Nest. If you liked RQ3's **Dorastor: Land of Doom** and Simon Phipp's **Secrets of Dorastor**, this will be right up your alley. **Pages:** prologue (1), history (1), locations (28), inhabitants (40), cults & magic (9)...

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Cepheus Engine Mission Generator
by Yann P.
Publisher: Michael Brown
Date Added: 05/09/2021 04:17:13
Cepheus Engine Mission Generator **(Review in english below)** Ce supplément contient deux générateurs d'aventures que l'on utilise en lançant plusieurs D66. J'ai testé le second générateur, qui est le plus complet des deux, et j'ai obtenu des résultats intéressants qui titillent l'imagination. Globalement, nous avons là un très bon produit que je recommande sans hésiter ! Je profite de l'occasion pour poser une question à Michael Brown. Existe-t-il une page Facebook, un blog, un site internet ou que sais-je encore afin d'échanger sur tes projets passés, présents ou futurs concernant les JDR ? Je serais ravi de pouvoir échanger avec toi. This supplement contains two adventure generators that are used by casting several D66s. I tested the second generator, which is the more complete of the two, and got some interesting results that tickle the imagination. Overall, this is a very good product that I would definitely recommend! I would like to take this opportunity to ask Michael Brow...

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Cyberpunk v.3
by tristan w.
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
Date Added: 05/08/2021 22:36:19
Cyberpunk v.3 the lime green coloration mixed with the way the information is presented makes even attempting to read this extremely difficult on a computer. if you'd best get a printer and print it off in black and white because with color it is just painful to even so much as look at. the publisher really should have stuck with the CP 2020 style of presentatrion because it helps if you include daigrams of what the fuck you're doing when running a game.

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Stars Without Number: Original Free Edition
by Timothy B.
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
Date Added: 05/08/2021 20:17:04
Stars Without Number: Original Free Edition Originally Published here: [
5/05/review-stars-without-number.html) Continuing my deep dive into the OSR-based SciFi games we naturally next come to Stars Without Number. This gem was released in 2011 and was written by Kevin Crawford and Sine Nomine Publishing. SWN is a big book, 254 pages filed with maps, sheets, a great index, but no OGL statement that I kind find. To me this book feels more like the work of hard sci-fi; like that Asimov, Bradbury and Heinlein. Certainly it is epic in scope. There is more of a setting here than other OSR-flavored games, so if you like that, great, if not, well it seems easy enough to ignore. Chapter 1 covers Character creation. We have seen this all before, but perfect for people new to RPGs or scifi fans new to the Classic 6 Attributes and level/class systems. The classes are the three "archetypes" that you can fin...

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Amazing Heroes
by A customer
Publisher: Amazing Tales
Date Added: 05/08/2021 18:55:53
Amazing Heroes I was a big fan of Amazing Tales, so of course I had to get this game. It did not disapoint! As it says in the decription it is for an older audience, and has more rules than his family game, but it's still very "indie" and narative types of rules (YAY!). It's nice to not have to read a big book, and I love the default setting to the game as it has a lot of info packed into 49 pages, including the iconic pre-gens, and adventure ideas. And there are two really good adventures included too. Of the things I love about this game the most: • There is no list os super powers, the players come up with what each of their powers does (which means you don't have to look up stuff during the game). • The game uses conditions instead of hit points. The conditions rules are more story friendly as they are made up for the situation that caused them. • The GM does not roll dice. Now this might sound lame, as who does not want to roll dice? But here me out: the GM not hav...

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