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Chickens! Stock Art Freebie
by Lynn R.
Publisher: Zed Nope
Date Added: 01/16/2022 11:36:49
Chickens! Stock Art Freebie The drawings are lovely, and they were just what I needed to add a little visual appeal to an adventure.

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Alique: an Anything RPG
by Dakota S.
Publisher: Twisted Die Productions
Date Added: 01/16/2022 11:23:36
Alique: an Anything RPG I have a few thoughts about this system and this PDF in particular. This system is lite. It is not meant for number crunching or for simulation type games. It is meant to tell a story. A story that is shared with the GM and the players. The whole system revolves around Plot Points that allow the players to have major control over the system. More then would be the case in other systems. This leads to the GM being more of a mediator than anything else. The PDF is well written and organized. It is quick read that will allow virtually anyone to pick up the system and start running with it. One thing I would have liked to see is more mention of the appendix in the main book. They add a lot of variation to the system that might make it more crunchy. All in all this is a good system and product....

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Rangers of Shadow Deep: Dungeons Dark
by A customer
Publisher: Joseph A. McCullough
Date Added: 01/16/2022 06:44:00
Rangers of Shadow Deep: Dungeons Dark Rangers of Shadow Deep (RoSD) tries its hand at solo dungeoneering. This genre has been attempted in other products, ranging from programmed adventures (sometimes with reveal as you explore maps), to random generation systems; the RoSD approach is a hybrid of the two (skewed to the former). The scenario goal is to traverse levels and find the exit rather than looting, as part of an ongoing rescue mission behind enemy lines. Levels seem to increase in difficulty as you descend. On the first three levels there are no rooms you must enter aside from the (unknown) one with an elevator; there is an interesting tension between visiting rooms and possibly gaining useful information and items, but having monsters to battle and suffering extra event cards; you might guess the exit room is located some distance from the entry room. Plenty of exciting touch and go combats; in corridors, the party may be pressed on multiple fronts. Good variety in the types of room: as well as foes to overcome t...

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Crepid Fornication
by Benjamin W.
Publisher: Chaosium
Date Added: 01/16/2022 05:55:33
Crepid Fornication I ran this scenario as a first-time Keeper with new-ish players. The preparation was easy for me and the players: The material is well structured and the pre-gens are well thought out. There are many hints to get you into the game and embody the characters. The game itself went very smooth. As Keeper I always knew what would happen next and I could guide the players from getting to know the basic mechanics to full-on roleplaying their characters with ease. The players had fun playing the pre-determined quirks and story-hooks and felt comfortable very fast. The story was engaging - and horrifying, of course. The build-up was perfect: From very low-key socializing to high drama and fighting for your life action in the course of one afternoon (real world time) I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Heller House to experience the horrors of Crepid Fornication! ...

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Der Alchemyst (PDF) als Download kaufen
by Tobias R.
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
Date Added: 01/16/2022 03:23:21
Der Alchemyst (PDF) als Download kaufen Die Spielsteinkampagne: Eine sehr gute Einstiegskampagne. Hat mir sehr geholfen für das erste Mal Meistern. Die Spieler waren auch begeistert. Der Alchemist: Am Anfang gibt es einen etwas linearen Teil, in dem sich die Helden kennenlernen können. Am Ende müssen die Spieler kreativ werden in einem Finale, das die helden ganz unterschiedlich angehen können.

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SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! 2nd Edition - Core Rule Book
Publisher: Bloat Games
Date Added: 01/15/2022 22:39:03
SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! 2nd Edition - Core Rule Book > This is an incredibly fun game that I run constantly at conventions! A great old school way to knock out some Zombie apocalypse one shot or a Campaign! The various types of Zombies run the gambit!

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Babies and Broadswords Demo
by Cheyenne S.
Publisher: Even Footing Games
Date Added: 01/15/2022 19:12:01
Babies and Broadswords Demo A delightful little TTRPG! Lots of room for creative freedom. I could see this game as a great route to introduce your children to TTRPGs, as the system is pretty basic and user-friendly and the content itself is kid-friendly. This game gives you permission, neigh, encourages you, to embrace your inner-child, with all the wonder and curiosity that brings.

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Temples & Tombs
by Gilles D.
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
Date Added: 01/15/2022 18:06:52
Temples & Tombs (this review is based on reading the rules and my experience with the **Year Zero Engine** but I am looking forward to start the first games) Generally speaking, I am a big fan of "easy to get in and start playing" rules. **Free leagues** has developped the Year Zero engine which perfectly serves this purpose. My experience with it is the **Alien rules** that I find extremely fun to run as a GM. **Pros:** * very easy to create a character * very easy to read * very cinematographic in its philosophy * the mechanics support very well pulp movie type of actions (push your luck, catches, hero dice) * almost zero crunch (might be a con for people who prefer a lot of hardcore detail and character progression) * a full section with a number of tables for ideas about adventures, settings, baddies and their motivations * content gives me all the basic tools I need to adapt super easily any existing Pulp adventure * NPC stats and combat are super easy * very easy to teach, you can ...

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Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
by Princess P.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 01/15/2022 16:11:40
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Cant get enough if this, the 20th is worth it. love all the updates. I enjoy this much more than v5 but all the vampirw peoducts are great! v20 8 feel is more RP based and v5 is mechanical. just pwrsonal opinion though! happy gaming at all tables! :)

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D100 Dungeon - World Builder
by Anne M.
Publisher: Martin Knight
Date Added: 01/15/2022 09:41:30
D100 Dungeon - World Builder THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I've had the World Builder book for about 2 wks. My adventurer has searched around his home hex, discovered 6 Quests, traveled to and completed two of them. He's helped strangers, caught cart rides, hid from werewolves, and been blessed by gods. This world is alive and the stories generated are worth writing down. I've creating a journal based on the calendar and the whole system fuels the imagination. Books 1 & 6 work fantastically together. I have all the books and the other rules integrate perfectly. I highly recommend this system. WELL DONE MR. KNIGHT ...

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The Well of Bones
by Sebastián G. M.
Publisher: Rookery Publications
Date Added: 01/14/2022 22:04:57
The Well of Bones The Well of Bones is an evocative, system-agnostic location that grabs you from page one. Literally. As I read the history of the well (before the actual site intended to be played was described) I found myself thinking "man, I want to play this scenario that happens four hundred years before the actual adventure". And it only gets better after that. The information is presented in a clear design that is easy to navigate and the art is superb. The adventure site has many possible story arcs, and the "central" theme doesn't have a closed end but, in case you find yourself out of ideas, the story seeds hint just enough to a couple of possible closures. One of the most important aspects to me was that the guidelines to drop The Well of Bones into any system really help you do that, and it doesn't fell as if they gravitated to an obvious system of reference. An excellent, profesional product with an incredible price-for-content value....

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ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG: Revised Core Rulebook (Phone PDF + Digital PDF)
by Drew U.
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Date Added: 01/14/2022 20:59:17
ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG: Revised Core Rulebook (Phone PDF + Digital PDF) In the genre of D100 dark fantasy systems (kicked off by WHFRP) this one cannot be matched. Clean mechanics, great GM tools, two books nets you a massive experience, and fun as hell to play. My only cons are the rate at which offical content is released (abysmally slow) and that this is not setting agnostic as it could be. If you want dark low fantasy, get this game and never look back. If you want warhammer this is superior to the four editions of WHFRP, grab it. If you have a created setting that is rennaisance or late post-classical, this is the game for you. ...

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Art Pack: Flames of Freedom (Flames of Freedom Library)
by Jay H.
Publisher: Grim & Perilous Studios
Date Added: 01/14/2022 20:11:19
Art Pack: Flames of Freedom (Flames of Freedom Library) This art pack contains all the art for FoF. It is an incredibly handy resource.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The Well of Bones
by Steven D.
Publisher: Rookery Publications
Date Added: 01/14/2022 19:39:38
The Well of Bones You can tell instantly that everything about this has been lavished with attention, from the excellent world-building, to the beautiful art. With a few easy tweaks, thanks to the material being source agnostic, I've added this to my D&D campaign with relative ease. Well worth checking out for the price!

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Dark Sun Boxed Set (2e)
by Kevin P.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 01/14/2022 17:57:20
Dark Sun Boxed Set (2e) I ordered the Dark Sun Boxed Set as a hardcover. All of the books and pamplets came together in one binding with no table of contents. You have to flip through the print just to find the book you're looking for. Also, the maps are completely useless. They threw them in the back of the book and split them onto multiple double sided pages, so you can't even cut them out and tape them together. Really unfortunate since the print is good quality but I didn't get what I paid for.

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