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Healing and Wounds - Cypher System
by Daryl S.
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
Date Added: 12/16/2018 08:37:34
Healing and Wounds - Cypher System Just recently started learning the Cypher system in ramping up for a Numenera campaign. A long-time fan and user of the Savage Worlds system, I am seeing mechanics within the Cypher system that intrigue me, and others that leave me scratching my head. Of the latter one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me is how damage and health are handled in conjunction with stat pools. It makes no sense to my mind that someone can go to from being seriously wounded to fully restored after just having rested for a bit and making a few good recovery rolls. Likewise, while I can see using stat pools for effort, doing so should not leave you potentially closer to death should you get injured shortly thereafter. Anthony’s answer to this is to incorporate as system of wound levels, not entirely dissimilar to Savage Worlds, for example, which is a mechanic I like very much. I do think, however, the way Anthony works this out adds more ‘crunch’ than I would be comfortable with, particularly i...

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Beastmaster's Daughter
by Alastair W.
Publisher: Aldritch Publishing
Date Added: 12/16/2018 05:57:59
Beastmaster's Daughter The 'Beastmaster's Daughter' module was a delight to play. Interesting characters populate a setting filled with involving problems, puzzles and a hum-dinger of a concluding confrontation! I heartily commend the module to people who are interested in exciting and thrilling 5E DnD encounters!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
by Kyle H.
Publisher: Shawn Tomkin
Date Added: 12/16/2018 03:19:49
Ironsworn Ironsworn has become my go-to "low fantasy" RPG. It accomplishes low magic, low power level, while still actively making characters feel *cool*. That doesn't usually happen.

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Enlightened Grimoire
by DSC T. G. C. _.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 12/15/2018 17:54:36
Enlightened Grimoire The Enlightend Grimoire is a well put together reference book, that puts a lot of information in one place. We could say lots of wonderful things about the work, but the bottom line is it just makes it easier to run a Mage campaign. The Tabletop Gaming Club strongly recommends the Enlightened Grimoire to all mage players

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DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Tower of Terror
by Jay H.
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
Date Added: 12/15/2018 13:43:06
DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Tower of Terror needs better assembly there are not any at all.

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Combat Cards: Campaign Bundle
by Brandon P.
Publisher: The Arcane Library
Date Added: 12/15/2018 12:33:32
Combat Cards: Campaign Bundle I appreciate these cards because, for those who like this kind of prep material, it saves a TON of time. I like the format of the cards as well. I run a heavily homebrewed campaign and really appreciate the blank cards that allow me to either pre-fill them out and hand to their players who need them (e.g. give a card for mounts provisioned for the player characters), or provide a player with a blank card to fill out as I describe the item.... which actually saves me time in creating the cards myself. The players appreciate them because it helps them know what items they possess. Please note, I was provided this product and asked to give an honest review. On a side note, I used one of Arcane Library's modules (Temple of the Basilisk Cult - free on their site) to launch one of my campaigns and found it to be well done and fun to run....

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TinyZine: Issue 8
by John P.
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
Date Added: 12/15/2018 11:04:17
TinyZine: Issue 8 Another excellent issue of Tiny Zine. This month's Roll-and-Play features Gladiator Arenas. As usual, it's worth your while-- especially because it can be easily adapted not just to TD2e and TF:R, but also to Mecha and Monsters, Wastelands, and Supers. And maybe Beach Patrol? The Familiars article is a great expansion on the original rules. For anyone who plays a character with a Familiar, this is a must-have. There have been a number of microsettings rolled out in previous issues of Tiny Zine (1, 4, 5, 7) and each of them has given me ideas for my own campaign. But James M. Spahn's Starwing: Blazing Exodus might be the first one that makes me want to start a new campaign so I can play it just as it is. If you loved the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and you want to play out your own ending, you need to play this. (And so do I. Holler at me.) Grit, Shootouts, and Bounties looks really interesting. (Makes me hope we get to see Tiny Gunslinger some day.) And someone...

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D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic)
by kristiaan l.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 12/15/2018 02:59:45
D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic) Love this product. Scan is amazing and the maps are vibrant and crisp. Worth every penny!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The Gardens Of Ynn
by William D.
Publisher: Dying Stylishly Games
Date Added: 12/15/2018 01:34:25
The Gardens Of Ynn This adventure is fantastic. It absolutley drips with atmosphere and a coherent theme while maintaining an ease of use that's inviting to veteran players and newbies alike. The simplicity of use and the efficiency in which they are presented are showcased throughout. There is no wasted space or pretense while ideas are conveyed in a clear and concise manner. Take note, this should be the standard for writing adventures

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Exalted 3rd Edition
by Etienne O.
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Date Added: 12/15/2018 00:27:07
Exalted 3rd Edition I really wanted to love this, but there are just so many choices made in this book that run counter to what I feel makes a good game. And that has disappointed me to no end. I backed it on kickstarter and waited patiently for the follow-up to the first RPG I ever really played. I had hoped for a lighter, more table-friendly game, with a good flow and rules that were more focused on the bigger picture than the details. What works for me: The setting is cool as all heck. Anything that touches the world of creation is awesome. There are little hints and rumors that aren't immediatly explainable, which function great as inspiration for stories and adventure. If anything, the setting part of this book is too short, and more pages should have been assigned to this. What doesn't work for me: The artwork, most of it is dull and uninspired, there is no "freedom" to the art styles, most of it locked by tracing after 3-d models. Some are great, the cover in particular is very cool. The sys...

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Rangers of Shadow Deep: A Tabletop Adventure Game
by Dave K.
Publisher: Joseph A. McCullough
Date Added: 12/14/2018 23:37:31
Rangers of Shadow Deep: A Tabletop Adventure Game Hats off to Joseph M! It has been a week since I got this and I have played through the opening scenario with a couple groups of friends. My wife who has played board games and the occasional rpg, but never a minis wargame, really enjoyed the ease of the game and making characters. She had painted up a ranger for a D&D game years ago, but now wants to get minis for the rest of her companions. Our group is painters, and we love co-op games (which up till now were exclusively board games) and it really scratches an itch for a minis game. I own Frostgrave, and like the system, but I never really got into it because we play a number of competitive miniatures wargames. I heard about Rangers of Shadow Deep from Guerilla MIniature Games on youtube. The cooperative style of game was something we had been trying to shoe horn with other systems, to some success, but RoSD really struck me as different enough to motivate me to try it. EVeryone who has tried it has enjoyed the game, a...

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Traveller: Makergod
by Robins T.
Publisher: Mongoose
Date Added: 12/14/2018 22:04:34
Traveller: Makergod Great work Christopher in fleshing out one of the more interesting worlds in the Trojan Reach, and for a very playable adventure as well!

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Hero High, Revised Edition
by Matthew H.
Publisher: Green Ronin
Date Added: 12/14/2018 22:01:19
Hero High, Revised Edition Good: The Claremont Academy section and the premade teen characters are very useful. Bad: The rest of the book. The advice for running a teen campaign is mostly very easy to extrapolate yourself if you've read the Gamemaster's Guide and have ever been a teenager, and the writing style is an incredibly cringeworthy attempt to sound young and hip from someone whose idea of "hip" seems to have been gleaned by observing 1998-2002-era teen culture from a great distance. It makes it incredibly difficult to read the first three sections without skimming, so it's entirely possible I missed out on some gems of advice within the dross....

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Lasers and Liches Test Wave 1
by David M.
Publisher: Lasers & Liches
Date Added: 12/14/2018 18:55:46
Lasers and Liches Test Wave 1 I can dig it. I do think it could use some more variety in the selection of races and classes though. I'll happily back this kickstarter when it happens.

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CASTLE OLDSKULL - Oldskull Monster Generator
by Jarrett W.
Publisher: Kent David Kelly
Date Added: 12/14/2018 12:55:22
CASTLE OLDSKULL - Oldskull Monster Generator A really fantastic work. It does exactly what it says on the tin. If you want a steady supply of wierd monsters this is the book for you. You could roll up 1000 diffrent monsters and each would be unique. Worth every Penny.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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