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Starfarer's Codex: Multiclass ThemeTypes
by Kevin C.
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
Date Added: 09/25/2018 03:59:29
Starfarer's Codex: Multiclass ThemeTypes OK, I purchased this product and to be bluntly honest, I am a little underwhelmed. First off, if you take this option for your character you lose the bonus attribute point that a theme gives you. Second, your primary character class is crippled for not much in return. This isn't the fault of the concepts in this book, but an overall function of the Starfinder Archtypes just being very subpar. The Mechanic Themetype is nice, but really should not count as an archtype. Not enough bang for the buck. The Mystic and the Technomancer Themetype seem a little more balanced, but honestly, If you really need to take some spells from the other spell caster list, take Mystic Dabbler (or Technomagic Dabbler) Feat at 5th level. When you get to 20th level you have 2 Cantrips and 6 times a day you have a 1st level spell. and you still have ALL of your main class spell and special abilities. The Operative Themetype doesn't have the one ability that you would want to dip into Operative for....

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Rifts® Coalition Wars® Book 1: Sedition
Publisher: Palladium Books
Date Added: 09/24/2018 20:45:42
Rifts® Coalition Wars® Book 1: Sedition I purchase a lot of Palladium Books in PDF format through ( and I noticed that books one through six of the Coalition Wars as well as Aftermath were scanned VERY poorly compared to other PDF releases from Palladium Books. They are not marked as "PDF Edition" in the covers and are barely legible. Is there a time-frame on when these seven books will be re-scanned properly to match the quality of other Palladium Books PDF releases so that I can re-download them from Until they are re-scanned properly, I am only giving them a 1-Star Rating. Thanks. UPDATE 09-24-2018: I received a response from Wayne Smith at Palladium Books in regards to the quality of the PDF releases for Coalition Wars. He said that Palladium Books has plans to re-scan and upload higher quality scans of these books and will try to release them as soon as they can. I love Palladium Books - excellent customer service! I have updated my review and rating accordingly....

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50 Fathoms Figure Flats
by Mike C.
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
Date Added: 09/24/2018 17:14:58
50 Fathoms Figure Flats It's nice to have minis that exactly match the things you'll encounter in 50 Fathoms. There are about 14 characters, 20 warriors of various types, and some giant spiders and creatures unique to 50 Fathoms. Many have a dozen copies on a page, so you can print up a fight pretty easily. The enclosing boxes for humanoids are 31mm tall. The tall Atani and the short (5 foot) Grael are the same height. 31mm looks a little small against Reaper and Pathfinder minis, and you can scale these up about 10% before the edges get cropped. I wish the layout had supported 20% zoom without cropping. These also look small against ArcKnight's excellent 2D plastic pirate minis. The art could be more defined, but it's certainly adequate to the task and this set is worth purchasing if you play with minis. ...

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Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master
by Phillip M.
Publisher: SlyFlourish
Date Added: 09/24/2018 15:24:39
Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master I backed this on Kickstarter, as I am a fan of the Sly Flourish blog and the original Lazy Dungeon Master. While the concept of the Lazy DM has not changed, Mike Shea has done a great job expanding on his original ideas, and this newest publication seems to work very well with 5e (though most of his advice is system agnostic). The checklist and methods described are a very good investment of time for those of us who love running D&D, but also have other time commitments. With well under an hour of prep and some practice, you can be ready to DM a four-hour session. As a bonus, the art in this book is amazing!...

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Aaralyn's Stolen Notes to Velea (5e DnD)
by Wright J.
Publisher: AnnesFlashBack
Date Added: 09/24/2018 15:23:43
Aaralyn's Stolen Notes to Velea (5e DnD) The cover art piqued my interest, but I wasn't sure about it, so I grabbed this for zero dollars to check it out. I quickly discovered that this book deserves the recommended amount and then some. What you get here is a full-on professional-level setting book full of everything you might want from a new WotC supplement, plus some stuff even WotC hasn't tried yet: a richly drawn campaign setting with a calendar and a history and a reason to adventure, new equipment (grappling hook arrows!), new magic items, new feats, new subclasses, new planes... And ALL of it is laid out just like an official 5e book, including the subtle characterful touches like notes from in-fiction characters! The setting itself is really cool, with a nice Renaissance vibe and an admirable commitment to cosmopolitanism. It's idiosyncratic and smartly designed, and admirably geared toward use at the table. The new backgrounds and items and such hook into the setting nicely; everything here is solid and considere...

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A Folio of Followers
by Lars E.
Publisher: Lampblack & Brimstone
Date Added: 09/24/2018 15:23:01
A Folio of Followers Nice artwork helps to give character to the followers. It's culturaly divers, but sadly exclusevly humans.

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Ghost Ops - Expanded
by Matthew B.
Publisher: FeralGamersInc
Date Added: 09/24/2018 14:59:04
Ghost Ops - Expanded If you play Ghost Ops, then this expansion will add to your experience. There are new optional rules to either speed combat up, or add detail to the game. New weapons and equipment will give a bit more choice for tooling up Operators or Tangos, and four new Backgrounds allow even more variety in character creation. It's not perfect, there are a few typos, and it isn't made clear that the new armours are currently in development, ideal for a near future setting (or perhaps one where Operators are issued prototype gear) but not a contempory real world setting. But those are minor matters. It's also a pity there is no prospect of a SW version, but that does not affect the quality of this one. Summary: A short product, but with some useful material. If you do play Ghost Ops, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't get this. Disclaimer: I have made some suggestions into the development of this game. These were done voluntarily and I have no financial benefits from it. ...

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Dark Crypts - Map-Tile Set
by Robert N.
Publisher: Black Scrolls Games
Date Added: 09/24/2018 12:53:54
Dark Crypts - Map-Tile Set Great set that can be used in multiple ways, not just as a crypt. I have the printed cards (use non-slip cabinet liners to hold them in place). The colors are perfect and evocative. So far, I've used my set to represent one large room of a wizard's lab.

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Low Walls Set Paper Models
by Robert N.
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
Date Added: 09/24/2018 12:49:41
Low Walls Set Paper Models Great simple set! I used them for a low stone wall surrounding a house, but I just used Theater of the Mind for the house and held the walls up simply with plastic bases.

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Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set Six: Crypt Crawl
by Robert N.
Publisher: Okumarts Games
Date Added: 09/24/2018 12:46:49
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set Six: Crypt Crawl Great set to populate your crypts and tombs! I've only used the giant rats so far in my D&D sessions, but am eager to use the giant flies and maggots. Those will surely get a reaction from my players.

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Russian Village [BUNDLE]
by Richard E.
Publisher: WargamePrint
Date Added: 09/24/2018 06:44:56
Russian Village [BUNDLE] The buildings look great and I highly recommend them. I purchased these for 1/72 WWII eastern front wargaming with the NUTS! - 4th Edition Ruleset. There are no instructions included but they are not necessary because construction is very straightforward. This was my first time doing papercraft and I had no issues. I printed them on I think 150g paper (I live abroad and communication at the print shop wasn't 100% clear). My only issue with these files is that sometimes the textures looked different than the photos of the constructed buildings. For example, the window textures for the Country House looks different than the windows in the example finished house photo. I was ok with this because I still think the textures provided for building looked fine. Overall, I'm very happy with this product. You can see a photo of my constructed buildings here:

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by David O.
Publisher: Bat in the Attic Games
Date Added: 09/24/2018 06:38:02
Blackmarsh I like the Greyhawk style cover and the Blackmoor inspired content. I'm very impressed with the crispness of the printing. The maps and the text are very clear and easy to read. The Points of Light supplement (from the same author, but different publisher) is fuzzy by comparison and the maps are functional but not nearly as legible. I woud recommend getting the print and pdf bundle as the pdfs include information about linking the Blackmarsh area to the Southlands area in Points of Light and the Wild North area described in the zine Fight On! #3 which, when combined, creates a sizable area to run a sandbox. Highly recommended. ...

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by Dai-Wei P.
Publisher: Assassin Games
Date Added: 09/23/2018 21:47:05
Wanted Perfect for those spontaneous sessions where you don't have much time to plan or inspiration. Thow **Wanted** into your relevant campaign setting, give the players a plot hook and with a little improv, you've got the recipe for a really good session. For example, last night I ran the 'Grapes of Wrath' bounty, and set it in Balder's Gate. I tied in a couple of main story points and expanded it by leaving a trail of clues in an investigation. It turned out to be one of our best sessions. The simple but interesting bounties give lots for a DM to work with. 10/10...

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The Monsters: A Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition Quickstart
by Nicholas K.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 09/23/2018 16:08:23
The Monsters: A Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition Quickstart The development of 5th edition of Vampire The Masquerade continues to be, in my opinon, a disaster. This is a game that has forsaken a great deal of its identity and character in exchange for gimmick mechanics and odd changes. In terms of identity the game presents itself as an unusual chimera between Masquerade and Requiem. Attributes, skills, and even disciplines follow the examples and philosophies of Requiem, when they're not completely new inventions with no bearing in previous editions. Now I have no problem with Requiem, its a fine game, but it is distinct from Masquerade, and I feel that both games are being done a disservice with this edition. With this drastic mechanical change over it is difficult for me to convert a character from a previous editon to this one while maintianing the crunch of the character, a feat that was very easy previously. A far more distressing change, however, is the relience on hunger dice. This is a gimmick mechanic that takes control away f...

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The Anthropophagi of Xambaala
by Zach P.
Publisher: North Wind Adventures
Date Added: 09/23/2018 11:11:45
The Anthropophagi of Xambaala [Crawling for Coppers Review](
thropophagi-of-xambaala.html) The Anthropophagi of Xambaala is a module for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea written by Corey R. Walden and kickstarted by North Wind Adventures along with The Beasts of Kraggoth Manor in the aptly named Beasts and Cannibals campaign. The kickstarter was launched back in March with an estimated delivery date in August. PDFs were delivered to backers on July 30th and the printed books started shipping over Labor Day weekend. I've said before that Jeff Talanian runs an extremely professional and punctual operation and he continues to deliver. I've had time to read through the adventure and my game group has a few weeks of play in it now, so let's see what this Anthropophagi stuff is all about. Spoiler review after the break. ******************** The Anthropophagi of Xambaala is both a dungeon module and an adventure setting. It is set in the ...

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