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Yarr! The Rules Light Pirate RPG $4.99
Publisher: BD Games
by christopher c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/13/2013 17:15:45

After one read thru I am very happy with this game, and it is a complete role playing game, i was not left with that feeling of incompleteness that I usually get from games claiming to be rules lite. I love pirates and have been hooked on them for over forty years now, this game fits the bill exactly , my search may be over for this genre! (naw , im a sucker for all things piratical lol). The rules are clear and flow well , theres just enuff crunch to add spice to the game, yet its not enuff to interrupt the game or turn it into a math contest. Chargen, skills, equipment, spells , monsters (for them that want a fantasy game or supernatural elements added, historical guides, treasure guides, adventure guides... everything that we used get in a box decades ago , well done! I would love to see some modules as well .

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Yarr! The Rules Light Pirate RPG
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