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Dungeon Dressing: Mundane Chest Contents $2.45
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/24/2013 07:58:45

What a neat resource... if you are planning a dungeon you probably have some idea of 'headline' items of treasure, and of the magical and other items the adventurers will need to pick up in order to cope with whatever else you have in store for them; but it's all the little mundane odds and ends that make your dungeon into a 'real' location that actually exists within your alternate reality. Look round wherever you are right now. As well as essential items and treasured personal ones, there's a whole bunch of other stuff... but that can be difficult to make up, over and over again, without it sounding forced or getting repetitive.

The product dives straight in with the first of five tables (and where's publisher Creighton Broadhurst's little introduction? I like those, but they've been missing on the past couple of products I've read), which is Clothes and Possessions. Anywhere people (using the term loosely) live - whether it is 'home' or merely somewhere they are posted on guard duty, locked up, whatever - they will have some things with them, even if it's only the scarf Mum knitted before they left home, clean underwear (we hope) or something to entertain themselves with. There is plenty of variety here, with a full one hundred entries - some of which may give rise to interesting questions - "A selection of lacy undergarments lie within this chest" is fine for a lady's chamber but perhaps less common in an orc guardpost!

Next comes a table for determining the contents of wizard's chests. Around fifty this time, and again they have considerable potential for triggering comments if not actual adventures. Take "The single parchment in this chest contains a list of names and notations that look like a collection of financial debts" for example: even wizards need to keep their business affairs in order, after all. Or maybe "A hundred eyes, each kept afloat in its own liquid‐filled bottle, bob about in this chest"... but whose are they?

This is followed by a similar table of cleric's possessions. Many of these are faith-related... but of course the question arises, are they of the correct faith? The next table deals with food and drink: essential as, even if you do eat them, you cannot guarantee a steady stream of adventurers all ready to jump into your cooking pot! Think I fancy finding this one - "A delightful assortment of fruit pies is stacked within this chest."

The final table is entitled Odds and Sundries, and is as random a selection as the title might suggest. Overall, this is a neat idea for a resource for those planning adventures, although a few more chests that represent an individual's ordinary possessions would have been good. Of course, you can always add the spare shirt and clean underwear into one of the other chests presented here to put a little twist into someone's kit.

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Dungeon Dressing: Mundane Chest Contents
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