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Demon: The Descent Quickstart $0.00
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Sebastian S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/20/2013 18:12:55

It looks awesome, but if you didn't look at The God-Machine Chronicles first, it may be wise to do so just to get a better idea of how angels and demons fit into the world. Furthermore, The God-Machine Chronicles explains how the new system (i.e. beats, integrity, conditions, aspirations) works in better detail. Personally, I love the new perspective this game brings: in the cold eyes of the God-Machine, the world is like a massive computer, and any program that gains a will of its own is no different than a virus or glitch, meant only to be "fixed" or purged. I also find it interesting that the morality system has been scrapped for Demons in favor of Cover, suggesting that the only virtue that the Unchained universally care about is freedom. In the final version, however, I'm hoping that they explain (at least a little bit) how the Unchained and the God-Machine fit into the world alongside other supernaturals a bit better than they did in TGMC. In particular, the Demons from Inferno and the Quashmalim from Promethean. Don't get me wrong, I love that the World of Darkness writers don't provide any definitive answers about supernaturals, instead preferring to leave them in obscurity, but it would at least be interesting if the Unchained had a perspective about the rest of the World of Darkness that is unique and enlightening, even if it were just as marred by obscurity or outright falsehoods as the other denizens' perspectives. The answers they provide could lead to new mysteries. Anyway, this is definitely a solid demo, and it is at least worth a look, even if the demo game they provide is a bit short.

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Demon: The Descent Quickstart
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