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Publisher: Goblinoid Games
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/20/2016 11:09:46

90 pages, black & white interior, color cover. Authors: Daniel Proctor and +Tim Snider. Cryptworld is the spiritual and brand successor to the first edition Chill game. In many ways it represents what Chill could have become if it had not gone down the path of 2nd Edition and Mayfair games. The Jim Holloway cover is very much in line with the original Chill boxed set. In truth it is less "iconic" but I like it better. The rules for the game are distilled down to their very essence. This is for all purposes a "retro-clone" of Chill. But it is more than that too. Where Chill 2 was about fighting all sorts of creatures organized into the Unknown and Chill 3 is a modern monster hunting tale of SAVE; Cryptworld takes it back to basics of humankind versus the monsters. This Kolchak the Night Stalker, Tales from the Crypt, Friday the 13th (TV Series), and all the wonderful tales of monsters and horror from the 80s. Character creation is faster than I recall it being in Chill 1 or 2. There are still plenty of options to create anytime of character you might want. Like all versions of Chill you are not going to make Harry Dresden style characters (that's for Majus), but making the Winchesters is easy. Goblinoid Games did not get the rights to SAVE, but that is fine really. There is a section in the book covering other organizations that characters can belong too and all are worthy replacements for SAVE. In particular, I want to run a game where all the characters are reporters for the Weekly Inquisitor. That would be a blast really. There are plenty of monsters, especially all the old favorites. There is also not a lot of duplication of monsters from other products so that is a nice value add.
There is also a great section on running games for the "Crypt Master" or CM. One of my favorite names for a Game Master ever. Crypt Master is not just a spiritual successor to Chill, it is a worthy one. If you have any materials from 1st or 2nd edition of Chill you will find them largely compatible with this game.

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