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Dragon Age Faces of Thedas: Varric $2.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
by Devin P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/11/2013 00:27:12

If you're buying the Dragon Age RPG stats for Varric, you expect to get details on both the character and maybe some suggestions on how to use him in your Dragon Age game. Faces of Thedas: Varric delivers on both.

Even if you've played through Dragon Age II (as I have), you may still find some of the extra information given in this supplement useful as well as entertaining. Mary Kirby's interview gives some solid advice on how to capture Varric's personality and goals while portraying him in-game. The suggestions on how to include Varric in your own games are helpful; it's true that I could probably have come to some of the same conclusions myself after some brainstorming and research on the Dragon Age wiki, but the whole point of buying a product like this is so that I don't have to.

The details on using Contacts, signature items for characters (like Bianca), and applying Set 2's masterwork rules to locations (such as the Hanged Man) are icing on the cake; simple but useful rules that I think will improve my own games.

Chances are, if you're considering purchasing this supplement, you're doing it for the same reasons I am (to see how Varric and Bianca look in the AGE system, likely with an eye toward having him show up in your game). You'll get that (two versions of Varric, in fact, at level 1 and level 5) as well as a few other goodies. If your players have been wanting their characters to swagger around in stylish leather dusters, here's your chance to hand them out.

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Dragon Age Faces of Thedas: Varric
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