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Ship Book:Pukharra $7.66
Publisher: Moon Toad Publishing
by John G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/29/2013 17:07:35

This is a fantastic start for a new third party publisher for the current edition of Traveller.

The Pukharra ship book is a nicely designed product, with a clear, easy to read layout. There is a colour overview of the ship interior and the detailed deckplans are nicely laid out and are again easy to use and read - it's easy to find the emergency hatch behind the turret and the colour interior art rounds off the product nicely. In game terms, this ship is an ideal vessel for player characters and has the legs (Jump 2) to get them into and out of most adventures. Full stats and details of the ship are provided, as well as details of the NPC crew of the Smiling Jack and full specs for a sealed Air/Raft.

My only relatively minor criticism is that, whilst the content mentions the ship in relation to the official Traveller setting, little information about the ship class, its history and missions is provided. Some may see that kind of information as pure fluff but I think that level of detail adds to the product's value, especially if it is to be used in the official game universe.

Overall, this is an excellent first product for Moon Toad Publishing and I highly recommend it.

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Ship Book:Pukharra
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