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Signs of the Moon $14.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Paul H. D. B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/21/2013 14:18:11

A superbly presented and very humane piece of literature. Every page reflects the best possible digital care and attention to detail. They were made by a sculptor's hand and the content was written by the most creative of White Wolf's staff. The auspices were well documented in the Core Rulebook and referred to elsewhere, but Signs of the Moon gives them the proper exposure they deserve. The writers perform the chore of making them distinctive very well. Every auspice is very distinct, but all combined, they meld together to make a fine, liquid metal that can take many forms.

The hand written segments are a brilliant reminder of the now fading art of handwriting. They recreate very real accounts of werewolves. What is inscribed feels like living beings putting their thoughts to paper. The several forms of writing styles help make each of the notes in the narrative compelling in the sense that they create a menagerie of different personalities and perspectives. Each one introduces completely different circumstances and attitudes. No auspice is at all like, but they all come together to help form a whole. Not one of them is described the same way, creating a rich diversity of possibilities in the process.

It´s a pleasure to look and read in equal measure. For learning, it´s indispensable, for art, it´s a treasure.

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Signs of the Moon
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