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Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
by Steven H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/19/2013 14:36:06

This book is almost a zombie textbook. It guides the reader through the different types of zombies from Necromantic to Voodoo zombies.

It reads like a text book, only not as dry. It kept my attention the entire time, through 80 pages, as I read the book; even eating my meals as I read.

Some of the facts within the book are hard to believe, however, they are also just as hard to dismiss. The part about Jesse James is one of my favorite selections within the book.

This book should be required reading by any Gamemaster worth his salt, who runs games like "All Flesh Must Be Eaten". It will not only make him a better Gamemaster, it will make him a better player as well.

The part about how the military clears rooms is very nice and well defined, which gave me ideas on how to place my zombies in the game I am running. The book also made me rethink the types of zombies my Player Characters will be running into, as each kind has a different "birth" and type of "death".

Currently, the book is sitting at $2.99, instead of $17.95. The is a steal at only $3! Heck, skip a burger at lunch and invest in some prime Zombie knowledge, you'll thank me when you survive a Zombie assault!

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Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide
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