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(Adventures) The Cooperative Dungeon Collection (01 - 04) $0.00
Publisher: Creative Mountain Games
by Steven H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/11/2013 01:00:10

This a very nicely written set of modules reminiscent of the early D&D modules. Each Dungeon has a detailed, colored map, followed by an index and then a well written and concise break down of the dungeon. Each section has a colored piece of the map introducing it. This is nice, because it keeps you from having to flip to the map at the beginning of the adventure, over and over.

An unusual aspect of of the writing of this module, is that almost every entry is written by a different person. This provides a nice variation to the modules, rather than one written by one person who runs out of ideas and strains to finish his writing.

Currently, this product is FREE, which is amazing, as I could easily see this being a $15.99 product. I recommend this product if you need several premade dungeons. These can be used for several different products from Dungeon Crawls with the "Dungeon World" rules or a dungeon crawl with Zombies, from the "All Flesh Must Be Eaten" Dungeon & Zombies book.

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(Adventures) The Cooperative Dungeon Collection (01 - 04)
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