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Death of the Tyrant $7.99 $6.79
Publisher: GRAmel
by Brass J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/09/2013 17:40:06

When reading Robert E Howard, I was always impressed by the way he could cram more into 30 or so pages where many authors need a whole novel (reference Shadows over Zamboula). Well, in this adventure, Umberto Pignatelli has pulled off the same trick. On a read through, from the word go I was hooked. The scenario is deep and intriguing, but never so that the GM has to keep track of dozens of pieces of information. Also, where other published adventures would be ending, this is just the beginning of this one - I was amazed at how it ends. I cannot recommend this product highly enough - five stars does not do it justice.

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Death of the Tyrant
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