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Adventure Quarterly #1 (PFRPG) $9.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by VP401533 K. H. L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/09/2013 12:12:54

Pay $9.99 for 3 games? I took the bait and honestly, I'm pleased with this sweet deal.

This issue (and possible other issues) contains 3 games. A spread of 1st, 5th and 12th levels. Good rounded materials.

Formatting is well conceived and thus far, I'm hard-pressed to find editorial mistakes. Another thumbs up.

Buying the PDF and hoping to print it? Sure. It should be quite light on ink consumption.

Down to the crux of matter - the adventures.

"Too many cooks" - Very interesting story hook and easy to adapt to any city in your campaign or stick with the one suggested in the adventure, Somnal. Brief stats of the city is given but it will require some effort to flesh it out. Adventure as mentioned can be carried out cohesively or taken apart and interjected as a entire city run sandbox campaign. No spoiler here but "Hell Kitchen" spoof. 5 thumbs up.

"Book of promises" - Story background is strong and unlike what another reviewer mentioned, there is reason for what happened. Yet the story doesn't evolve that well - more like a "string the story along" genre. Again this adventure centers around a city whereby the stats are given but requires fleshing (or have it adapted to an existing city in your campaign world) otherwise players will run into too many cardboard streets and places. 4 thumbs up.

(PS: Although I will say that I'm pleasantly surprised with the added information regarding the forked legion. Nice touch)

"Soul Siphon" - High level adventure that requires add-on material - psionic. Running this adventure as a standalone requires exactly what the author asked for - pre-generated characters to tie-in the story based on their preset background. Otherwise, the story will fall flat and be totally unusable. Yet if it needs to be incorporated, then a lot of work is required by the DM to link pieces together. The story as a whole is good, eventful and can be considered high adventure. Yet the showstopper is the psionic abilities linkage with your characters. 4 thumbs up.

Overall, I will consider it as a good purchase and a pleasant read. I'll definitely run the first adventure, "Too many cooks" and possibly the second adventure, "Book of promises" and tie it in to a bigger scheme of things (sort of like a part 2). I will definitely buy the other 3 existing books.

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Adventure Quarterly #1 (PFRPG)
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