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Apex $4.99
Publisher: Dias Ex Machina Games
by Jesse C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2013 10:57:03

If you are a DnD4e gamemaster or even player and you've been looking for a way to bring your Role Playing into the realm of Supers from D.C. or Marvel, then this is your vehicle! As is or combined with D.E.M. Games excellent "Modernized" DnD4e product - Ultramodern4, APEX will provide the spark to fire-up your Super Hero Slug-fest! The combination of Ultramaodern4 and APEX will allow your RPGaming to step up from straight fantasy and step out into modern times - Victorian Steampunk thru the Last Century and into the 21st Century and Beyond! D.E.M. Games has set the standard for 4e modern and has no apparent challengers. --G.M.Adeptus, 2013.07.29

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