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The Astral Splendour $7.99
Publisher: Spica Publishing
by Mysterious B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2013 21:34:08

Spica does it again. Using the baseline of a generic Traveller universe (ever evolving Outer Veil Campaign setting), it has has decided to detail one of the major big ships of the universe tapping in the same vein as FASA did many moons ago with the King Richard deckplan and supplement by detailing a mega-liner. While there is the Outer Veil implied, this product can be used for any Traveller Universe or generic Space Opera campaign.

Spica did a careful rewrite of the rules for passengers and listing of hazards of a megaliner for this supplement. In addition, they have created an ideal passenger manifest with shades of different personalities that allow the Referee to reuse the same NPCs in different ways or in different circumstances a number of times. There is an alien race and countless adventure hooks. Rounding things out there is a deckplan of the said starliner.

All in all, an excellent product - the only drawback is the lack of art - save for the beforementioned deckplans and the cover - there is no art. I realize that art would have greatly increased the cost and production costs, as well as inflate the page count - but I would have loved to see these NPCs rendered by some artist. That said, this is a keeper and a worthy successor to FASA's King Richard.

Look forward to seeing more from Spica in the near future, even as it is set in the not too distant future guys - you produce great stuff that really needs to in dead tree.

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The Astral Splendour
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