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Shadowrun: Fifth Edition Quick-Start Rules $0.00
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Kyle W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/11/2013 20:19:25

The Shadowrun Fifth Edition Quick-Start rules are a great asset for people who just want to play a quick game or those who want to see what's changed and if Fifth Edition is right for them. It's short, clocking in at 31 pages (technically 30, since the last is a Fifth Edition ad), but it includes an adventure as well as basic rules for the game.

It's obviously not Fifth Edition itself, with the full set of rules, but it encapsulates the things that have changed to make Fifth Ed. better than its predecessors. It's also a very pretty preview, with high-quality art and typesetting throughout.

If you're not sold on Fifth Edition, download this, and it will most likely convince you to jump on the bandwagon; the updates and improvements over Fourth Edition will be immediately apparent.

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Shadowrun: Fifth Edition Quick-Start Rules
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