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Theater of the Mind Magazine - Issue #1 Pay What You Want
Publisher: Critical Hit Publishing
by Carl S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/01/2013 08:34:19

Being a contributor to the magazine, I feel I can only offer an overview, rather than a review. That said - there's a lot to read, a lot to look at and plenty of laughs, too. The magazine dedicates itself to creating a conversation about role-playing and what it means to be a role-player. I was so happy to be a involved and am amazed at all the hard work put in by so many talented writers, editors and layout designers. Perhaps the most intriguing and innovative thing "Theater of the Mind" does is to invite the readership itself to contribute and breath life into future issues. It's a wonderful project and I hope you'll find it something you'll want to look into and return to, time and again.

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Theater of the Mind Magazine - Issue #1
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