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Theater of the Mind Magazine - Issue #1 Pay What You Want
Publisher: Critical Hit Publishing
by Matija P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/01/2013 01:23:05

Theater of the Mind is not a breath of fresh air. It's hurricane of original content. Every single article can hold its own, and they are as varied as they are great. Ander Wood's musings on the actual definition of what immersive RP is, Runeslinger's look at how dice rolls complement, rather than take away from, the story, Alex's adventure for children - this eZine has it all.

Everything is written in great, unique styles, and enthusiasm is palpable. For me, this is the most inspiring RPG content I have read in years. You have earned my respect and full support in the best way possible.

I'll be recommending Theater of the Mind to all my friends in the hobby. If you're still on the ropes, just buy the thing. It's $3.00. Even if you don't like it, you will at least be supporting an independent publisher and a fellow RPG enthusiast.

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Theater of the Mind Magazine - Issue #1
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