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Medieval City Atlas - Fantasy Floorplans $7.99
Publisher: Dreamworlds
by Sandra W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/24/2013 03:38:40

A superb product that is bound to be of great use to DM's everywhere. This is a fully realised map of a medieval style city wherein each and every building has been designated as to its purpose - I really like this aspect of the map, it takes a lot of hard work out of city design. Illustrations are in black and white throughout meaning printing it won't cost a fortune in ink!

Also included are notes on the socio-political/economic structure of the city (very much reminded me of historical Venice), random tables for determining a building's residents and an exhaustive list of potential street names that the DM can assign as s/he sees fit.

Without question this product is generic enough to be slotted into any campaign with a minimum of fuss, yet there is just enough background given to ensure that Gorglis has a "personality" on which you can build.

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Medieval City Atlas - Fantasy Floorplans
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