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Ascension's Right Hand
Publisher: White Wolf
by Nick S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2013 09:31:35

I got this book strictly for the Numia material to expand on the poorly written rules in Hunter's Hunted. I'm not sure how this reads as a Mage Book but as a WoD supplement to the mortal material I liked it a lot. The Numia rules are much better explained here, more clearly written and in the case of the Hedge Magic, expanded on nicely. If you are looking for Numia rules for your mortal characters I recommend Ascension's Right Hand over Hunter's Hunted. Still, if you are not playing mage I'd wait for it to on sale the Numia rules only cover a single chapter and are not worth 9 dollars. If you are not looking to play mage you can get decent Numia powers out of Project Twilight and the material is more relevant to the World of Darkness as a whole instead of just mage so I'd pick that up first and wait for a sale.

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Ascension's Right Hand
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