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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Andrew M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/29/2013 08:44:37

Following the disastrous events of the late 1990s, the Progenitors are given a new sense of identity and a new mission. Casting off their lab coats in favor of field gear, they shed their "mad scientist" image and embrace the medical science that they were once known for, beginning a long and difficult mission to heal the ills of the Technocracy and then the world.

The book gives the Progenitors a much needed make-over - they return to the identity of the Sorcerer's Crusade Coasians/Hippocratic Circle, being doctors first and biologists second. There's a lot of effort given to describe the Progenitor Convention's motives, which are far more sympathetic and human than they were previously. The book is definitely geared toward the Progenitors' own perspective, making it extremely useful to give to a player that is considering playing a character from this convention. It also illuminates some of the dark corners of Technocratic politics and explains in a little more detail exactly why a Technocratic civil war is brewing and who the major players are.

There are plenty of hints of the scary and oppressive Technocracy hidden between the lines, for GMs to use in the context of Technocratic villain characters, but the book is from the Technocracy's own perspective, so the examples of the Convention being evil are hinted at mostly in past misdeeds that the Convention is atoning for or the things that are not mentioned about the Convention's current activities. However, I have never seen a better explanation of exactly why the Progenitors are a part of the Technocracy and why a bunch of doctors support the Union's mission of wiping out unscientific belief systems.

I found the book extremely useful for using the Progenitors as either heroic protagonists, or sympathetic-but-still-evil antagonists, and the Convention's motivation has never been better explained than it is in these pages.

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Convention Book: Progenitors
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