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Age of Arthur $14.95
Publisher: Wordplay Games
by David C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2013 13:38:47

I am a great fan of Arthurian myth, legend and history. This game hits a fantastic standard for that. Where King Arthur Pendragon takes Mallory and Morte d'Arthur as its starting place Age of Athur reflects Cornwell, Whyte and the Mabinogion.

This is not the Arthur of High Chivalry, this is a gritty, savage Dark Ages Arthur. The world of Age of Arthur is a world in darkness. The light of Rome has gone out of Britania, the savage Saxons threaten invasion, and petty kings and warlords bicker over the ruins.

The game runs on he Fate mechanics, derived from FUDGE. I am familiar with the latter, but this is my first encounter with Fate. I was very pleased by how well the game mechanics seem to support the style and feel of the game. This is a game about characters and their stories, with few if any arbitrary limitations imposed by dice or game points. Begining characters may be princes or beggars at the players' choice. Powerful wizards, apprentice Druids, knights, hunters, even scribes and clerks.

The game includes several styles of magic, which may be accessed by characters depending on their backgrounds. As befits the dedication required to work magic such characters will have fewer potencies in other areas.

I may not entirely replace King Arthur Pendragon with Age of Arthur, but they definitely will sit side by side.

And it is hard not to enjoy a game with such specialisms (special character bonuses) as "Be where the arrow isn't"

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Age of Arthur
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