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COPPER DRAGON: Caverns 2 $3.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Bruce L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/24/2013 16:37:58

Fantastic! The graphics have subtle colors in them, so if you opt to print them in black ink only, you will lose a great deal of details, and magic, in the printouts. This set is good, by itself, but it is sooo much better when combined with Dungeons 1 & 2, and Caverns 1. With these four sets, along with the Perils set, you will have all that you really need.

By the way, each set features one-inch squares drawn in rough, rocky format, to allow easy measuring for movement. The patterns vary whether it is dungeon, or cavern, it is not the same in every square, either. Quite well done, and it will speed up movement, and combat, by allowing quick measurements, no matter the rules set used.

I printed mine out on white cardstock, laminated them with clear contact paper, then I mounted them to peel-n-stick vinyl floor tiles (place the laminated cardstock pieces to the glue side of the tiles). Use a utility scissors to cut them out, and you have very durable, easily transported, 2D dungeons that you can put down on the tabletop in seconds -- no mapping on your part, no drawing required, no erasing wet/dry markers, either! With 2D dungeons, your figures won't be crowded by 3D walls, and you can get on with what is important -- the movement, and combat!

Be sure to visit the publisher's web forum, linked off of their home page, for additional support, ideas, and user generated freebies. Cheers!

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