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COPPER DRAGON: Basic Dungeons 1 $3.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Bruce L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/24/2013 16:33:14

Fantastic! The graphics have subtle colors in them, so if you opt to print them in black ink only, you will lose a great deal of details, and magic, in the printouts. This set is good, by itself, but it is sooo much better when combined with Dungeons 2, and Caverns 1 & 2. With these four sets, along with the Perils set, you will have all that you really need.

I printed mine out on white cardstock, laminated them with clear contact paper, then I mounted them to peel-n-stick vinyl floor tiles (place the laminated cardstock pieces to the glue side of the tiles). Use a utility scissors to cut them out, and you have very durable, easily transported, 2D dungeons that you can put down on the tabletop in seconds -- no mapping on your part, no drawing required, no erasing wet/dry markers, either! With 2D dungeons, your figures won't be crowded by 3D walls, and you can get on with what is important -- the movement, and combat!

Be sure to visit the publisher's web forum, linked off of their home page, for additional support, ideas, and user generated freebies. Cheers!

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COPPER DRAGON: Basic Dungeons 1
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