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World of Darkness: Reliquary
Publisher: White Wolf
by Andrés M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2013 12:22:20

You may think this book is filled up with creepy ancient stuff to throw at the players. You may think this this is a shopping list for equip your badass character. It is not.

This is a really good book, inside you will find what makes an item gain the status of a "relic". How to use such items as plot devices for your chronicle. It is well explained why such a special item, sometimes unique sometimes not, may become important for the characters.

I really like that the book is not a shopping list. There is several ideas of how to use relics in your chronicle or perhaps as a character's backstory. It does have a small list of special relics, some of them very unique, like the Antikythera mechanism, other are more "mundane" but specials nonetheless. Some of them blessed, some of them cursed.

Also there are rules for creating your own relic for your stories. And last but not least a collection of scenes where the focus is on the relics. If you want to mash up the World of Darkness and the mysticism of Indiana Jones, this is the way to go. In summary a very good sourcebook for storytellers and avid players alike.

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World of Darkness: Reliquary
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