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Unusual Suspects - Pathfinder $13.99 $3.49
Publisher: Frog God Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/26/2013 12:30:52

Each player can lavish care and attention on their character, making him a rounded and believeable individual within the context of the shared alternate reality the whole group inhabits during game sessions... the poor GM has to cope with what can be a 'cast of thousands' and however much time he has to devote to the game, he's never going to have time to develop all the NPCs to the same level. So, here's something to help!

A full EIGHTY characters, all with name, stat block, backstory, description, tactics if involved in (or instigating) a brawl, notes on using the character and a neat sketch... all conveniently filling a page apiece (or on 2 pages but kept separate from other characters) so that you can print individuals out as needed to tuck in your game-night file.

They come in three sections: town, travel and tunnel. The Town ones are of various levels and occupations, all people you might encounter in a built-up area, or folks you might seek out if you have a specific need for a service, an item or some information. The Travel section consists of people you might encounter on the road. Other travellers, people whose occupation or location means that they'll meet travellers and so on. Again, they come in an assortment of levels.

Finally, the Tunnel section is a little different. Some are the sort of folks you might encounter by chance during a delve - the fellow who's farming mushrooms perhaps, or a big lad who offers his services as 'pack mule' for a party - but others are designed as 'Boss' characters, the ones who might be the whole reason (whether or not the party knows it!) that you're going delving at all.

A fabulous resource that any GM should find useful whether they need a chance one-off encounter or a recurring NPC but want a character as developed as any player-character. And just reading through, many of them are replete with ideas that could spawn side-adventures or whole scenarios of their own. Recommended.

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Unusual Suspects - Pathfinder
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