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Wilderness Dressing: Plains $2.45
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Eric H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/08/2013 18:43:09

Wilderness Dressing: Plains is a 13-page PDF from Roaring Swan detailing various sights and odd encounters PCs might have when traveling through, well, a plains area. It consists of 1-page front cover, 1-page back cover, 1-page listing other products available from Roaring Swan, 1-page for credits, 1-page contents and foreword, and 1-page briefly describing the PDF's contents. This leaves six pages for the good stuff, so here we go.

First of all, I was given this PDF for free in exchange for a review. That said, this is a very well-done PDF. It promises you fun and strange sights and encounters to use when PCs travel through the plain, and that is exactly what it gives. Two pages cover minor events, many of which are basically begging to be used as seeds for larger encounters, such as a swarm of ants carrying a skeletal human hand along or finding the skeletal remains of a dog topped by a human skull. We get 98 more bits of weirdness like this.

The next two pages cover odd features, ranging from a shattered house with a massive battle axe in the middle of it, surrounded by giants' footprints and a frozen-in-horror statue pointing towards the tracks of a six-footed lizard. Again, there are a hundred of these all together, and they can all easily be used as anything from some random oddness to the seed of an encounter to the start of an entire adventure.

The final two pages cover encounters and some minor features that can simply be helpful to remember, covering perception ranges, cover from hedgerows and fences, etc. The encounters range from CR 1 to 12, and involve everything from wandering ponies to the angry spectre of a hanged man to a lich returned home for revenge. These are all rather clever and can be adjusted for use with PCs of almost any level, depending on what sort of an encounter (combat or nonviolent interaction) you want to use.

This is a splendid collection of encounters and sights for use in a game. No typos and very professionally done; five stars easy.

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Wilderness Dressing: Plains
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