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The Initiate - A Dungeon World compatible class $1.99
Publisher: Fünhaver Industries
by Montgomery A B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/22/2013 15:52:33

While Normally I like the free-form style of Dungeon World, I think the Initiate went too far in that direction. The core of this class of a cult leader is, of course, his Chosen cultists, who follow him around and do his bidding. But there are no guidelines on how to adjucate what the Chosen Ones (as the cultists are called) can do. It's left entirely in the realm of GM call, which as a GM is a bit much. And as the Initiate himself, as cult leader, really has very little he can do at first level. I think they might have done better to use the Hireling rules in some manner, but as it stands, a 1st level initiate is as awesome or as pitiful as your negotiation skills with the GM dictate, and that's just too free-form for me.

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Creator Reply:
Mr. Box,

I think you may have the Initiate confused with another playbook. The Initiate is a martial artist, like the Monk class in many other RPGs, and does not generally associate with cults.
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The Initiate - A Dungeon World compatible class
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