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Somnium Mundus: Audio Enhancements $0.00
Publisher: Terra-Sol Games LLC
by Brian H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/22/2013 14:30:21

I got this as part of the Somnium Mundus bundle. What I was looking for was sci-fi maps and tiles on my search. What I stumbled on here was a nice little sci-fi mini-adventure with some nice looking tile sets and for an added bonus, some audio clips of the adventure, sound effects and a little music for the club scene. I pulled this up while searching for maps and these tiles will come in handy in any sci-fi campaign but this was made for the Traveller universe. The adventure is done quite well and the added audio only enhances it. This is superb for a free product. This could probably be adapted to just about any sci-fi setting though, who knows maybe my GM will use it in one of our Traveller sessions.

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Somnium Mundus: Audio Enhancements
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