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Bloodmoon Goblins (PFRPG) $4.99
Publisher: Fear the Boot
by Dante W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/17/2013 22:12:56

I will go ahead and get the bias out of the way and say I am a Fear The Boot fan. That having been said, what Bloodmoon Goblins is actually a two angle adventure. You can play this as a dungeon crawl with some surprising twists and turns but where this product shines is being a fully flushed out Goblin Society that you can create your own Goblins in and deal with all the Gobliny politics or go into a deep dungeon crawl. In all honesty, you can use this product for whatever suits your group's needs.

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Bloodmoon Goblins (PFRPG)
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