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TNT (The Narrative Toolbox) $6.99
Publisher: LakeSide Games
by Carl A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/17/2013 16:54:11

The only thing keeping this from being a 5 star review is more specific examples of play. The one example of play provided elsewhere on this site is good, but genre specific. While it isn't hard to see how the rules would apply to different settings, I would have loved some more specific examples for my fellow players. We are considering using this for our Pathfinder characters who have made it into Epic level game play as the rules don't cover that situation very well (even using the 3.5 epic expansions doesn't quite cut it). We love our characters and the empire they've built, but while we've used the various systems for it, we've out grown the scale that each of them works at, and this system handles different scales effortlessly. We've had the goal for a while to turn this group into Gods in a new pantheon in our game world, but couldn't find a set of rules that would handle that. I think this will handle that just fine.

Players that are fairly new to more traditional role playing games like Pathfinder might actually be worse off than brand new players, since they'd have to unlearn some aspects. I've seen systems put everything in terms of the PCs before (in the old SAGA rules monsters didn't attack, rather the PC got hit if they failed to defend against an attack) which I thought was an interesting concept, but this takes it to another level, and gives multiple ways to show off how good (or bad) a a character is at any given aspect of the game. Is your character a badass witha gun? Is he the brain type who knows everything about everything? Is he something unique that wouldn't even be playable in most games? All of these are little to no problem.

One thing that would be an issue is the concept of plot threads. I love the idea, but trying to come up with a thread to connect to to each other character might not be as easy as it should be. I'd like to see a few examples in the book for that.

I'd like to see an expansion with alternative character creation. Maybe a life path like system for randomly generating your character's roles, especially if you don't have a specific character in mind for a session. Maybe tables for randomly generating adventure hooks and challenges? Discussions on different common and unique roles. A book covering those topics that would be worth as much to me as the base rules.

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TNT (The Narrative Toolbox)
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