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CUPID MUST DIE! Kobolds Ate My Valentine $2.00
Publisher: 9th Level Games
by Matthew T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/14/2013 14:27:43

Just in time for . . . the weekend after St. Valentine’s Day it’s “Cupid Must Die!”, a new mini-adventure for Kobolds Ate My Baby. In order to satisfy King Torg’s (all hail King Torg) impossible craving for baby-wings, the hapless kobolds have been dispatched to the humans’ annual Valentine’s Day carnival, there to capture Cupid, the only winged baby anybody can think of. At this “bacon-all” the kobolds will face deadly carnies, things on sticks, angry birds, catapults, and, of course Cupid and his lusty arrows. There are plenty of chances for the usually KAMB hijinks (death, over acting, more death) with the added bonus of PCs getting struck with Cupid’s arrow and falling in love with other kobolds, humans, cows, themselves, etc.

This is indeed a mini-adventure, with only a short session’s worth of material. But kobolds tend to complicate even the simplest assignment. Also there are plenty of opportunities for expansion. Anyway, it’s funny and free (for now), so what’s not to love. If you love KAMB, and you love love, you’ll love Cupid Must Die.

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CUPID MUST DIE!  Kobolds Ate My Valentine
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