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Lodges: The Faithful
Publisher: White Wolf
by Paul H. D. B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/12/2013 14:04:51

This book gives great insight into the lodge concept of the Forsaken. It explains the purpose, recruiting methods and goals of the lodges well. However many lodges receive only basic treatment overall and much of their depth is left unexplored. Some of them, such as the Lodges of Garm, Ruin, Arms and Mammon were very well documented, but the others were described too briefly. This is a shame because the basic ideas are well structured. Additional substance to all the lodges, or the inclusion of less of them, would have made the book better finished.

Having said that there are some fine examples for narrator´s to use and how the lodges work is explained in excellent detail. As a building block for stories, this publication will serve the readers of White Wolf well, although more development on many of the lodges will be needed to integrate them into a narrative. With just a little more work, though, this could easily have been a five star book.

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Lodges: The Faithful
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