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2400+ 19th Century Occupations $1.00
Publisher: Lee's Lists
by Darryl J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/10/2013 06:08:06

I was unsure what this would offer with the preview being so small. However, the three samples in the descriptions and the mass of text I could see in the preview (and the very reasonable price) swayed me to give this product a try.

And Wow! This truly is a list of 2452 Occupations. Sure every entry is the title and a brief one or two word sentence but that's all you need. There is no need for a skill listing telling you the Bonesetter needs some sort of medicine or heal skill, or that the Fur Cutter needs survival or some sort of nature lore skill. Placing the appropriate skill for the job is pretty easy.

I'm not sure how a boarder or a freedman are occupations but I'm very happy with the added depth this can give any campaign set in some sort of a 19th Century.

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2400+ 19th Century Occupations
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