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Call to Arms: Inquisitor $1.75
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/30/2013 04:28:22

Suitable for a campaign where at least one deity demands worship and has an organised and influential organisation to meet that deity's needs, the Inquisitor character class is based around the role of an agent charged with keeping devotees on the straight and narrow, and stamping out heresies and dissent wherever they raise their head.

An Inquisitor needs to be wise as well as forceful, and it is a suitable role for lovers of intrigue. Whilst they can use violence to further their ends they are not generally front-rank combatants when it comes to a brawl although they can be potent in a supportive role, particularly when they can be theatening and intimidating against those of an alignment (or faith) different to their own. Many say Humans make the best Inquisitors but both Elves and Orcs have proven successful in their own way too. Whilst religious fervour and an unbending nature are common, some Inquisitors hone their investigative skills to become effective dectectives rooting out malcontent and dissent even when it is well-hidden. It is a role full of possibilities both for the player and for the GM seeking to embed this strand within the overall plotline or even weaving adventures around this approach to religious purity.

A series of style feats based around persecution provides an added advantage when dealing with those of a different alignment and gives scope for non-combat activities. Overall this is a role suitable for both players and NPCs alike, one full of story potential (and one that's causing me to reach for the plotbook even as I finish writing the review!).

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Call to Arms: Inquisitor
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