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Southern Republic Army List
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Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Kamil B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2013 14:13:47

I know my reviews of DP9 products might seem bit 'samish', because of all the praises and positives, but I MUST explain one thing. If I don't think something is worth my time I won't waste it to even write a review. But when I feel I really have to share my opinions with someone, or I see something good that doesn't get much attention, I feel obliged especially to developers, original authors and creators, to somehow return the favor for giving me a great product. It's my way of saying "thank you".

Now, what you have here involves a lot of information on structure and shape of the Southern Republic Army, what kind of culture it's based on, what are it's traditions. It is full of fluff for both wargamers and roleplayers and the ratio is balanced perfectly not allowing any enthusiast to really feel neglected. Fluff for roleplayers involves backgrounds, descriptions, characters to use, along with scenarios to fit into any Southern campaign regarding military operations. Whereas same information on backgrounds, provides any wargamer with color patterns and right combat group builds suggested for particular purpose (Covert Ops/Frontline Assault/Recon, whatever you like). Characters may be put into your gears as pilots, spicing up gameplay with their unique skills and scenarios provide both fun and challenge with ongoing development from battle to battle. Instead of just setting up game after game, with nothing else in between like so many other wargames do, Heavy Gear series actually support longer campaigns, where your pilots and machines go from one battle to another, developing their skills, becoming better as objectives become harder and battle more brutal.

This Army List includes such scenarios and strongly supports mixed wargame-roleplaying experience, what again is a unique and very attractive feature to anyone who seeks challenge.

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Southern Republic Army List
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