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Badlands Sourcebook
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Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Kamil B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/24/2013 05:32:00

I always was deeply amazed by the amount of work, original content and ideas put into suplements of Dream Pod 9 earlier games. Yet again, their another product lives up to those expectations. You see it is easy to copy patterns and known, recognized themes from our own world and dress it in a way it looks as if it always belonged to that universe, how often did we saw a complete rip-off of viking culture (for instance) copy-pasted in fantasy game? Dream Pod 9 product is no such thing, those people create their universe from the very bottom, from every detail, unique and fresh. This Sourcebook includes all the information you need to make badlands more juicy setting. It has a lot of information on history, relations, geo-political tensions, geography, cultures, technology, a lot of cut-aways to show how things look specificly, verry well done. You can find here info on trade and cousine, on important and interresting characters, technologys, but the most important is (And I am a huge fan of Politica intrigues) and at the same time most overlooked by people who, perhaps don't want to indulge themselves in well fleshed out geo-political conflict... well, a fleshed out geo-political conflict. This sourcebook gives you new perspective on lives of Badlanders, on wars for resources, huge beurocratic molochs fighting for supremacy on every level of common men life. Oh! And to all that, you have a unique charming art wrapping it all, and most thrilling short stories on various pages of the book that helps you get into atmosphere of what really goes on in the Badlands.

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Badlands Sourcebook
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