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TNT (The Narrative Toolbox) $6.99
Publisher: LakeSide Games
by Matija P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/18/2013 13:25:08

The rules are very simple. Maybe two sessions and you will have it all memorized. Yet what you can do with it... Absolutely brilliant. It is the best combination of less means more I seen in a while.

The only issue is, this is for advanced roleplayers. All of the people participating should be at least solid at improvisation and portraying their characters and enjoy it immensely. Forget about your group's members who like rolling dice, dealing damage and tactical maneuvering, and hate talking and getting into character. They will hate this style of gaming.

The roleplayers (as opposed to rollplayers) will love it.

Warm recommendations.

P.S. check the example of play that is free here on the site, it will give you a good feeling as to how this works.

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TNT (The Narrative Toolbox)
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