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TNT (The Narrative Toolbox) $6.99
Publisher: LakeSide Games
by Sean F. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/17/2013 14:33:29

With only some minor flaws - primarily in the realm of fully explaining the dice mechanics (more on that below) - this is a brilliantly simple and broadly applied concept for a game. Len knows what he wants to do with this, and what he wants is to empower a gaming group to go nuts with a narrative control framework for pretty much any genre or setting.

This is not for everyone, and it may not serve for every possible gaming experience you may wish to have. However, it is certainly worth trying, and it may be that you find this is the "fresh, alternative flavor" that you want when you wish to take a break from your standard systems or campaigns.

After about ten minutes of scanning through this on a first read, I felt I could set up and run a game. Anyone with a bit of confidence in their storytelling chops can guide a group through any story they wish using this framework.

That's a hell of an accomplishment.

Now, as to the one major flaw I found - Len forgot to tell folks what KIND of dice to roll. A quick statistics eval makes it clear he meant for you to use d6's, but he doesn't actually tell you that in the text. As well, there's not enough said about the role of the Critical Die. I eventually sussed out that its only function is to allow for the possibility of the all-important Critical Result, but again that should have been spelled out more.

Solid and very playable, TNT accomplishes its goals admirably.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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TNT (The Narrative Toolbox)
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