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Aasimar: Heirs of Glory $4.99
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/13/2013 21:19:01

Aasimar: Heirs of Glory is a work expanding on the place of aasimar, those with celestial heritage, in a Pathfinder game. It is quite successful, providing both interesting background on the aasimar, new mechanical options and a variety of example characters. A solid resource if you use Aasimar in your campaign, you will find useful material here.

Raging Swan’s Aasimar: Heirs of Glory provides a wealth of information and character options for aasimar characters. New alternate class features (for cavalier, clerics, monks and paladins), feats and character traits are provided. Additionally, there are rules for variant assimar bloodlines leading to options for skill bonuses and spell-like abilities. A lovely random table for determining special features of the aasimar’s appearance is provided as is one for aasimar origins. Lastly, seven aasimar characters are provided taking advantage of the options presented in this book. This version of the aasimar no longer fully aligns with the official Pathfinder version since the release of the Advanced Race Guide but it provides a useful set of options for aasimar players and GM who wish to use this race in their campaign.

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Aasimar: Heirs of Glory
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