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Publisher: John Wick Presents
by Brian H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2013 08:40:02

I'm a huge fan of the Houses of the Blooded universe/setting/concept, etc. and this book, in large part, lives up to the high standard set by the base book and continued through "Cornets but Never Crowns". The ability to place Provinces on the edges of the civilized world is an interesting one, and I think that it could add to the intrigue/politics of most games. Especially given the new Vassals and resources that the wilderness Regions and Holdings make available. I also particularly enjoyed the idea of un-blooded adventuring groups and how they tied into "polite" Ven society. More than just adding a new way to play the game, it also adds a new dimension to noble politicking and provides vicious new options for dealing with troublesome blooded neighbors.

I have one basic complaint about the new content that this book provides: Specifically, several sections felt rushed and particularly light on detail. For example, in discussing the Blooded of the Boar, we are treated to a lengthy discussion of their unique virtue, but the discussion on what it means to be Boar in blooded society feels rushed and incomplete. In discussing the new Ork vassals the author references a nearby chart that does not appear to exist. Shortly thereafter, in discussing the first of the new Ork types, the author discusses the "Ancestors" and their importance. However, the reader is never told who/what they are. In addition, certain terms (i.e. Heartsheath) are never defined. Then, in discussing the second of the new Ork types, the author mentions that they suffer from Corruption rather than DOOM!. But nowhere is this concept explained. Finally, in discussing the Q'val, the author mentions the importance of noting Accomplishments and how they may allow for the increasing of Devotion. But this concept is never fully described. Indeed, the chapter dealing with the Q'val seems to end rather abruptly.

Don't misunderstand, I greatly enjoyed this book and I think that the content is fantastic. I'm already plotting how I'm going to introduce large chunks of this material into my currently running game (mostly likely to the dismay of my players [cough demons cough]). My complaints stem from a mere handful of the more than 200 pages of content and should not be read as an indictment against the book as a whole.

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Houses of the Blooded: Wilderness
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