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Jerusalem by Night
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Rodrigo C G R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/11/2013 13:04:47

Poorly scanned, a pitty. The text is blurred and faded. Some pages are not straight.

My advice? Buy it now and wait for the updated file.

When we talk about Masquerade (Revised) setting books, like Mexico City by Night or New York by Night, we know we're dealing with material that can always be transplanted, adapted and used according the the storyteller's need. I can say the same about Jerusalem by Night. Any Dark Ages chronicle can benefit from Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is Dark Age's spiritual core, and as a spiritual center, its seen as the world's geographical center. Any Christian or Muslim Cainite should think about Jerusalem from time to time, or even attempt peregrination once. The conflicts between crusaders and the local powers also make for great social and political chronicles (and martial chronicles, obviously

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Jerusalem by Night
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